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Giroir: “The message I would say is, if you haven’t been vaccinated and if you haven’t had COVID before, you’ll get a delta variant. On average, one person will transmit this to nine people, as opposed to the original virus, which passed to two people. Or three. It’s as contagious as chickenpox, and we see what happened even among vaccinated people. And let me just say, I am very concerned about those who have natural immunity. Natural immunity is real, it does provide protection, but there is more and more evidence accumulating that That immunity is waning and it’s not very good against Delta, so I’m very concerned and I support recommendations that even if you have COVID you should get vaccinated as well.”

After Chris Cuomo noticed he had heard several people say things along the lines of “I’ve already had COVID-19, I’m fine,” Giroir reiterated that natural immunity is by no means sufficient protection against a vicious mutant strain like Delta.

Giroir: “Based on laboratory data and looking at people over time, I would be very concerned about diminishing natural immunity, particularly against Delta. Remember, we should get vaccinated against influenza every year, not because our immunity is so bad, but because the virus is changing, Delta is a whole new ball game. It is a mutating virus, very dangerous and very deadly. We can end all of this with vaccination. If everyone is vaccinated, we can put an end to this, but until that happens, we will fight again, just as we did last summer. Actually The number of cases we have now is greater than it was last summer, which is unbelievable to me.”

This epidemic will eventually end, because the only inviolable fact in the universe – whether you are in the field of natural sciences or Buddhism – is that everything ends, with the possible exception of The Simpsons. Finally, the virus, which is currently burning through unmotivated people as if they were fragile, ferocious, raging inside Rep. Louis Gummert’s head, will run out of fuel. But tens of thousands will die in the meantime, and many more will suffer needlessly – while using hospital resources that could be used to save the lives of those in crises other than COVID-19.

In fact, we’ve seen a lot of cautionary tales lately. Like a wife and husband from Mississippi who both contracted COVID-19. She was vaccinated, and he wasn’t. She recovered in 10 days. He stayed in hospital for 22 days, as of July 30.


“It’s real. It’s devastating… It was really hard,” [Alicia Ball] She said [of her husband, William]. “I don’t want my worst enemy to go through this.”

Paul added that she and her husband were reluctant to receive the vaccine, but eventually got the vaccine under her doctor’s care after concerns about her asthma. She said she was sick for 10 days when she contracted Covid-19 and had to visit the emergency room.

“But I haven’t been here for 22 days and it’s still growing,” she said.

The unvaccinated fall into two general categories. Some do not fear the virus as they should, and some fear a vaccine more than is reasonable. My sister is in both categories, and I’m afraid she’ll find out her mistake sooner rather than later. You recently scolded me for supposedly ‘fearmania’ about COVID-19. The conversation kind of went off the rails after that.

I’m an admittedly cautious person, which usually means I walk very carefully up the deck stairs at night while I’m high. But regarding COVID-19, I have taken all the usual precautions And then some.

I hope people like William Poole and my sister can get through it without any acute or chronic health issues. But it doesn’t look good to them or the rest of us. The best we can do is continue to beat the drum, especially when unlikely figures like Trump administration officials and even Fox News keep up the tempo with us.

Yes, vaccines work, Fox News. Thank you for at least dipping your toe into actually (finally) testing the waters. Now if someone had told that rat bastard Tucker Carlson to do the same.

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