“You didn’t see us trying to pack our bags in the stadium.”


This is how you get that nonsense.


For non-amplifiers:

Cruz: “You didn’t see the Republicans while we were in control of the Senate trying to tamper with the game. You didn’t see us trying to pack up in court.”

May God bless Heaven, man. No, you guys haven’t literally tried to add Supreme Court seats. I was too busy stealing an existing one. Merrick Garland works right down the street from you now, Ted. Maybe ask him how it fell. As if you don’t remember.

By the way, Cruz was fine with Shrinking Court when it is believed that Hillary Clinton is preparing to name a replacement for Antonin Scalia.

From October 2016 Politico story:

There will be plenty of time to debate this issue … There is certainly a long historical precedent for a higher court with fewer justices. I would like to point out, recently, that justice [Stephen] Breyer noted that the vacancy does not affect the ability of the Court to do its job. “This is a discussion we’re going to have,” Cruz said in remarks first reported by the Washington Post.

Cruise is unlikely to vote for any Democratic candidate given his conservative ideology, but his remarks may indicate a broader shift within the Republican Party to prevent Democrats from shifting the court’s balance to the left. Senator John McCain (R from Arizona) said earlier this month that the Republican Party would be “united” in blocking Clinton’s appointment, remarks he later softened.

He’s also been very keen on figure skating for Amy Connie Barrett, which was confirmed in … Oh, that’s interesting … October 2020. Like, One week ago The election. However, Ted and his demented brigade thought there was something unwanted about filling the Scalia seat so close to the presidential election, so they paused President Obama’s nomination of Merrick Garland for … oh, here it is … 293 days.

Apparently, Republicans believe that if they weren’t ugly hypocrites, they would not cease to exist. Unfortunately for the rest of us, it appears they are determined never to test this theory.

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