You Can Save Money By Fixing Your Own Car From Windshield Repair


The windshield on your vehicle, SUV or van is designed as an essential safety feature to protect the driver and passengers from flying debris and road hazards. So, any damage to it should be repaired as soon as possible. If it is not repaired, the issue could worsen or even be aggravated later on.

As opposed to the old-fashioned glass, windshields today have two layers of tempered glass joined together by a tough membrane. The inner layer is made up of a rubbery material to dampen the impact of stones and other debris. This stops them from breaking both the glass’s outer and inner layers.

However, this layer isn’t invulnerable to damage, unless the crack occurs at a small location or only penetrates outer glass. In this scenario repairs to the windshield could be possible , but it’s a good idea to check with an expert in automotive glass first.

Any damage to the glass’s plastic layer will make it more difficult for any repair shop. If the damage is confined to the glass’s interior the glass will have to be replaced completely.

In any event the most frequent types of damage to a windshield are chips and cracks that aren’t more than a centimeter in diameter or 12 inches in length. They are considered minor and will not affect the structural quality of the windshield, though they can be distracting to a driver.

Chips: Also referred to as stones breaking or dings, chips form when glass pieces are caught in flying debris. windshield repair san diego can be repaired by filling them with epoxy resin or any other material.

Certain companies sell kits with an injector to inject resin into chips or cracks. These kits are not expensive and come with the material to fill them and an holder to hold the syringe when you’re done.

It will take some time and patience to do this job however it’s well worth it. You can save money by fixing your own windshield, instead of spending money on a full replacement.

DIY kits can cost less than $10. It includes an applicator, a syringe as well as a container for resin and instructions. There is also an instrument to help break glass.

Make sure to clean the area that has been damaged prior to start the repair, as dirt and oils will make the epoxy or resin not bond properly. Some kits include sprays and brushes that can help you apply the resin.

But, be careful not to apply excessive amounts of resin. A lot of resin will soak into the glass and weaken it, which is not good for the repair or the vehicle.

The directions are usually simple, allowing you to work at your own pace. You might have to wait for a sunny day prior to applying the resin, and you’ll have to use a UV light to ensure that the repair has fully dried after it has dried.

You should also keep your cracked windshield out of extreme temperatures, such as cold and hot, since they can cause further damage to the windshield. This can lead to larger cracks that are harder to repair, and if your repair isn’t done well it may need a complete replacement.

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