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Strict on Twitter - the Supreme Court issues a notice to Twitter;  Happy - find a way to prevent spam and spam

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India News – According to information received by Ultra Fast World News, the Supreme Court on Friday heard a petition seeking to stop false news and inflammatory messages on Twitter-Facebook. The court issued notifications to the central government and social media platforms in this case. They were asked to make such an arrangement so that these news and messages could be stopped. Also requested to take action on fake (fake) accounts.

In the notice, the central government was asked to include these restrictions in the proposed social media regulation

According to information received by the ultra-fast World News, the public interest lawsuit (PIL) of BJP leader and attorney Vineet Goenka was heard by Chief Justice SA Bobde. The petitioner says that over the past few years, news and messages circulating in the country have spread through Twitter and social media. It is a threat to the unity and integrity of the country.

97% of accounts blocked by government order

According to media reports, Twitter has so far blocked 97% of the accounts spreading fake news, hate hashtags and inflammatory content by order of the center in the wake of the violence in Red Castle. According to the sources, the center reported to Twitter 1435 such accounts.

Among these accounts, 1,398 were frozen. There were also 257 accounts running hashtags like #farmer genocide (peasant massacre). Of these, 220 have been blocked by Twitter.

Union Minister warned

According to information received by ultra-fast World News, Union Minister for Electronics and Information Technology Ravi Shankar Prasad issued a stern warning to social media platforms Twitter and Facebook in Rajya Sabha on Thursday. He said: We respect social media. It gave power to the common people. The role of social media is also very important in the Digital India show, but if it is promoting fake news and violence, we will take action. Be it Twitter or any other platform.

“We have informed Twitter and other social media companies of the country’s rules and regulations,” Prasad said in the House of Representatives

According to information received by Super Fast World News, we have told them that if we want to do business in India, our rules and regulations must be followed. How can we adopt more rules for violence in Capitol Hills (US Parliament) and different for violence in Red Castle. We do not agree to different standards for different countries.

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