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China News – According to information received by High Speed ​​World News, after the army disengaged from Panjung in Ladakh, it appears that China’s position has receded. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said that India and China are friends, and do not pose a threat to each other. The two countries cannot ignore each other, so we must stop the actions that harm us.

He explained that we inherited the border dispute, but this is not the full story of the relationship between the two countries. The important thing is that both countries are trying to properly resolve their differences. It also works to develop mutual relationships. This is Wang Yi’s first comment on the relations between India and China after the disengagement.

He said that China and India are friends and allies, but there are some questionable issues between them. After recovering from this situation, the two countries should see how they can further strengthen their relations and boost bilateral ties.

Wang did not say anything about the disengagement

However, he did not say anything about the withdrawal of troops from the northern and southern shores of Lake Panjung in eastern Ladakh after 10 rounds of talks at the military level between the two countries.

And the armies of the two countries withdrew their forces and weapons from the northern and southern Panjung region after several months of stalemate in eastern Ladakh. However, some points are still contested.

He had a conversation with the Indian Foreign Minister as well

According to information received by Ultra High Speed ​​World News, Foreign Minister S Jaishankar and Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi spoke by phone for about 75 minutes last week. Jishankar told Wang that peace and stability along the border are necessary for the development of bilateral ties.

Gishankar had said that after completing the process of removing the forces from all places that had reached a dead end, the two sides could work on the complete withdrawal of the forces from the area and restore peace.

He met the Ambassador of India

Earlier on Friday, India’s Ambassador to China, Vikram Misri met with Chinese Deputy Foreign Minister Luo Zhaohui. He stressed the need to complete the withdrawal of forces from the two countries from the rest of East Ladakh, saying that this would help restore peace and stability along the borders.

At the same time, there will be an environment conducive to progress in bilateral relations. According to information received by high-speed World News, they met a few days after the removal of soldiers and military equipment from the two countries from the Panjung Lake area.

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