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Corona World Update - The United States, Canada and Mexico have increased restrictions by March 21

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Corona update news – According to the information received by the ultrafast World News, in many countries of the world, the growth rate of Corona patients began to rise again. In light of this, the United States, Canada and Mexico have extended restrictions in the country until March 21. According to this, people who live here will not be able to travel in non-essential jobs. It will be necessary to tell people the reason for the trip. So far, these restrictions were only until February 21.

Meanwhile, US President Joe Biden announced that by July every American will have a shot of the vaccine. He said the government is well prepared for that. Pfizer said it is ready to give America 10 million doses every week. To date, more than 5.70 crores people have been vaccinated in America. China ranks second, with a vaccine reaching 40 million people. So far, 2.45 crores have been vaccinated in the European Union and 1.04 crores in India.

11.12 crores of patients have been found so far

So far more than 11 million people have been caught 12 lakh in the infection. Of these, more than 24 thousand 62 thousand people died, while 8 crores 61 thousand people were treated. There are 2 lakh 26 lakh patients who are undergoing treatment. Vaccines were applied to 19 crores people in the world.

Corona updates

The World Health Organization suspects that the Coronavirus spread to humans through rodents and rabbits badger sold in the Chinese Wuhan market. It was revealed in the Wall Street Journal report. However, the supplier of these animals and others in the market is being investigated. Experts are currently preparing a list of live and dead animals sold legally or illegally in the Wuhan market.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has assured that in case there is a surplus of vaccine in his country, he will definitely give it to poor countries.

Johnson’s statement is important. Just two days ago, United Nations President Antonia Guterres explained that rich countries have an excess stock of vaccines and this is a sign of danger to the rest of the world, especially poor countries. This statement also has diplomatic significance. Russia and China are trying to dominate some countries through vaccine diplomacy. China targets poor African countries.

The Greek government has made this clear

According to the information received from the high-speed World News, if citizens of Britain want to come to their country as tourists, there is no problem, but for this they will have to obtain a vaccine passport. The meaning of the vaccination passport is that tourists are required to inform via online documents that they have received the vaccination before arriving in Greece. Dosing information should also be provided in this. Before that, Denmark and Sweden took this step as well.

According to the United Nations Secretary-General, 130 countries in the world have not reached a single dose of the Kovid-19 vaccine.

According to the information received by the “High Speed ​​World News”, this is a grave injustice. During the Security Council meeting, Guterres said – We are very sad and angry that we have not even been able to give 130 countries a dose of the vaccine to deal with the pandemic. At the same time, there are 10 countries where 75% of the vaccination has been completed.

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