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Zydus Virfin has been approved in India to treat Covid 19

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India NewsZydus says 91.15 percent of the patients treated with PegIFN were negative for RT-PCR on the seventh day. The treatment significantly reduces the hours of extra oxygen in patients. Zydus Cadila announced Friday that it has received restricted approval for emergency use

From Indian Medicines Regulator, Superintendent General of Narcotics of India (DCGI), for the use of Virafin Pegylated Interferon alpha-2b (PegIFN) in treating mild Covid19 Infection in adults.

The approval comes after promising results from the drug’s late-stage study, and comes at the midst of a massive wave of COVID-19 cases in India, which has overwhelmed its health system and left many hospitals lacking essential oxygen supplies.

The subcutaneous single dose regimen of the antiviral Virafin will make the treatment more patient friendly. When taken early during Covid, Virafin will help patients recover faster and avoid many complications. The company said in a statement that Virafin will be available on prescription from a medical professional for use in a hospital / institutional setting.

Cadila Healthcare’s stock rose sharply after receiving emergency approval. On Friday, the stock ended trading 3.4% higher on the NSE.

Pegylated Interferon alpha-2b was originally approved for liver disease and hepatitis C and was launched in India 10 years ago. He is being repurposed to treat Covid-19.

In the multi-center trial conducted in 20-25 centers across India, Zydus said Virafin showed less need for supplemental oxygen, ‘clearly indicating that it was able to control respiratory distress and failure which was one of the major challenges in treating Covid-19. .

Zydus said the drug has also shown to be effective against other viral infections

Speaking of the development, Cadila Healthcare’s Managing Director Sharvel Patel said, “The fact that we are able to offer a treatment that significantly reduces the viral load when given early can help with better disease management. It comes at a much needed time for patients and we will continue to provide them with access. To critical treatments in this battle against Covid-19. “

In a phase III clinical trial, the treatment showed better clinical improvement in patients with Covid-19

“During the trials, a higher proportion of patients administered with the PegIFN arm were negative in polymerase chain reaction (RT) on Day 7. The drug ensures faster virus clearance and has many additional benefits compared to other antiviral agents,” the company said.

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