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India Aids Bangladesh - Indian Prime Minister Modi delivered more than 12 vaccine doses and 109 ambulances to Sheikh Hasina

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India News Prime Minister Narendra Modi presented several gifts to Bangladesh on the second day of his foreign tour. Prime Minister Modi delivered more than 1.2 million doses of the Corona vaccine to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina there. It also handed over the keys to 109 ambulances to Sheikh Hasina. According to the information received by the ultra-fast World News, Modi said earlier that the Indian government will open a primary school for girls in Orkandy.

Middle schools will also be upgraded here. Orkandi is the same place where a large number of people in the Matua community live. Prime Minister Modi, after completing the tour, returned to Delhi on Saturday night.

In Bangladesh, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina presented gold and silver coins to Prime Minister Modi as a gift.

Present these gifts at the completion of the centenary of the birth of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and 50 years of the founding of Bangladesh. Prime Minister Modi also invited Sheikha Hasina to visit India in the golden jubilee of diplomatic relations between India and Bangladesh in 2022.

Private conversation between the two prime ministers

1. The two Prime Ministers pledged to celebrate the independence of Bangladesh on December 6 every year as “Friendship Day”.

2- There was also a discussion between the two Prime Ministers regarding saving the legacy of Bangladesh’s independence in 1971.

3. Prime Minister Modi thanked Sheikha Hasina for creating a war memorial in memory of the Indian soldiers who fought for the independence of Bangladesh.

4. The two prime ministers decided to celebrate the day of relations between their states in 19 countries.

India will develop a nuclear power plant in Bangladesh

The Foreign Minister said both India and Bangladesh have expressed their desire to work together in the space sector. He said India would soon give its third line of credit (a kind of loan) to Bangladesh to increase civil nuclear energy. Pursuant to this, Bangladesh will receive 1 billion dollars (about 7 thousand 244 crores). With this money, Indian companies will develop the Ropar nuclear plant in Bangladesh.

The two countries have expressed willingness to work together on issues such as artificial intelligence, trade, communication and mutual cooperation, defense, security, energy, energy and the environment. Prime Minister Modi and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina practically inaugurated the perfect train Express. After the end of the Corona epidemic, it will be operated from Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, between Jalpaiguri in Bengal.

Sheikha Hasina praised the first plan of India’s neighbor

According to information received by World News superfast, the two premiers inaugurated the Bangabandhu-Bapu digital exhibition. Only photos of Bangabandhu Mujibur Rahman and Bapu Mahatma Gandhi will be shown in this gallery. It was also agreed to hold this exhibition in other countries.

Modi first saw Kali Maa in the Jashoreswari temple. Then he arrived at the Bangabandhu Memorial at Tungipara in Gopalganj district and paid tribute to Rashtrapandhu’s father, Bangabandhu, Sheikh Majibur Rahman. After that, he reached the Matua community Orkandi Temple and offered obedience there. Oracandy is where Harishchandra Thakur, founder of the Matua community, was born.

The Matta community also cares a lot about the Bengal election.

While addressing the people of a community who died here, he said that the thousands of people who died in society who live in India feel like they come to that temple here, and I have suffered today as well. I have been waiting for this opportunity for many years.

When I first came to Bangladesh in 2015 after becoming prime minister, I still wished to visit this temple, but I had that good fortune now. I remember when I went to Thakur Nagar in West Bengal, Matua Bhai-Bahuns gave me so much love there. Buruma was particularly affectionate like a mother. He extended many congratulations and best wishes on the occasion of completing 50 years of Bangladeshi independence.

Important things about the prime minister’s speech

• The Government of India will develop a preparatory girls ’school in Orkandy and the Government of India will also establish a primary school here. This is a tribute to Harichand Thakurji on behalf of the crore of the people of India.

• Today, India and Bangladesh are strongly confronted with Corona. A vaccine made in India has reached the citizens of Bangladesh as well, and India is doing so as its duty.

Motivating Harichand Dev ji is very important to solve similar challenges facing India and Bangladesh today. It is imperative to meet every challenge the two countries face together.

• Both India and Bangladesh want to see the progress of the entire world as they advance. Both countries want stability, love and peace rather than instability, terror and turmoil in the world.

He is also worshiped at Jeshoreswari Kali Temple

According to the information received by the high-speed World News, before that, Prime Minister Modi arrived at the Jeshoreswari Kali temple in the southeast of Satkhira, where he was praying. It is considered one of the 51 Shaktipeeths. “I wished Mother Kali would free the world from the Corona crisis,” he said. Moody also provided a handcrafted crown for the Kali Water statue. The crown is made of gilded silver. It was prepared by traditional artists in about three weeks.

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