Within weeks, Biden could cancel negotiations with the Republicans in favor of passing his proposals


So, when the same Republicans who obstructed your recent efforts are busy trying to reap the fruits of your work, you can rest assured that your instincts were just right – you had a good plan and they’re not honest brokers.

“The lesson this team has learned, starting with President Biden, from that experience is that there is a cost to waiting for too long,” said former Obama press secretary Jay Carney. Tell Politico. “I think everyone is more realistic about whether bipartisan cooperation is possible.”

In essence, he cheated on me once, shame on you. You fool me twice, shame on me.

According to Biden’s top aides, the president is convinced that delivering real results to voters is more important than any symbolism associated with getting a few symbolic Republican votes on any given bill. President Biden also appears to be painfully aware that the window of opportunity he now has to get things done is likely to close fairly quickly.

For now, Biden is keeping talks open with Republicans on his proposed $ 4 trillion investment while keeping a partisan reconciliation vote in place. In fact, Politico reports that Biden may pull the trigger on that plan “within weeks.”

So far, Republicans have counter-bid for less than $ 600 billion, which is just a fraction of what Biden proposes. And honestly, Minority Leader Mitch McConnell likely made Biden’s process a lot easier on Monday He told reporters In Louisville that the Republicans were “Open to nearly $ 600 billion worth of package, ”but no more. McConnell added that Republicans will not sign anything that includes rolling back the 2017 tax cuts (ie windfall gains for the wealthy).

Given the White House’s stated priorities, McConnell’s comments heralded the deal’s death.

So, as the White House hosts Democratic and Republican lawmakers in the coming weeks to discuss Biden’s next big plan, the truth is that larger negotiations may now take place with Democratic strongholds such as Senator Joe Mansin of West Virginia and Kirsten Cinema of Arizona.

While the White House has acknowledged that the president’s next priorities will take longer to move forward than mitigating the pandemic, Biden and his aides also know that letting any of that effort take place through 2022 is a mistake. By early next year, everyone in Washington will be looking forward to the midterms, and this could give lawmakers a calm stance – especially on the expensive materials that could reshape the economy for decades to come.

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