What is Ozone Therapy


Ozone Therapy is a medical procedure that utilizes oxygen-rich ozone to help boost your immune system and increase the function of the cells in your body. It is used to treat a variety of diseases and conditions.

It can be applied to the skin, or directly injected into blood or utilized in an Ozone sauna. It is commonly used to stimulate cell activity as well as relieve pain and heal wounds.

Infusions intravenous (IV), are the most popular type of the ozone therapy. This involves removing approximately 200ml of blood from a sterile glass bag or bottle. The ozone is then amplified at high pressure with pure oxygen, and then reintroduced into the vein. The ozone can be infused into the patient in a process of up to ten times (treating 2 liters of blood).

IV Ozone is a highly effective treatment for many ailments including Lyme disease and Chronic Lyme COVID that is long-term Fibromyalgia, irritable Bowel syndrome asthma, eczema migraines, tinnitus and shingles, cancer and herpes. It also helps with sinus infections and more.

Ozone boosts the amount of oxygen your red and white blood cells transport to your tissue. Ozone boosts the oxygen levels in your cells, which help them produce more energy, regenerate tissue, eliminate diseases-causing viruses, bacteria and improve the functioning of nerve cells. It also aids the cells to release cytokines, or healing signals, which help block pain and inflammation.

Benefits of Ozone Therapy reduces oxidative stress, improves heart function and helps prevent future complications. Studies have shown that patients suffering from chronic fatigue, asthma as well as fibromyalgia and other disorders often see improvements in their symptoms after the treatment with ozone.

IV ozone therapy is a great way to help your body to eliminate heavy metals and toxins in addition to the immune system benefits. This is crucial, since heavy metals have been linked to a variety of health problems, including cancer, heart disease and autoimmune conditions.

Your doctor will determine the best type and dosage of ozone therapy for you. This is based on your specific medical condition. Prolozone treatments can be more beneficial for people with osteoarthritis or other degenerative diseases than a 10-pass infusion.

To determine the appropriate dosage for you, your doctor will take your medical history and conduct physical examination. They will also inquire about any current medications and their interactions with Ozone.

A customized treatment plan will be developed that blends traditional medicine and other regenerative treatments, such as prolozone therapy. This is often the most effective way to treat complicated or recalcitrant conditions such as herniated discs, or knee arthritis.

Ozone is an antioxidant that helps protect your cells from damage while aiding in the recovery process from illness and diseases. It also increases the production of ATP which is the life force and energy that helps your cells grow and repair themselves.




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