Vernon Jordan, civil rights leader and advisor to Bill Clinton, dies at 85 | US News


Vernon Jordan, a prominent civil rights activist who became a close advisor to President Bill Clinton, has passed away. He was 85 years old.

Jordan worked for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) and campaigned for voting rights before becoming president of the National Urban League.

“The world today has lost an influential figure in the struggle for civil rights and American politics,” said Derek Johnson, president of the NAACP, in a statement.

“A symbol of the world and a lifelong friend of NAACP, his contribution to advancing our society towards justice is unparalleled. In 2001, Jordan was awarded the NAACP Spingarn Medal for a lifetime of social justice activism. His exemplary life will shine as a light directed at all who seek truth and justice for all.” People “.

Bill and Hillary Clinton said in their own statement: “From his primary role in desegregation at the University of Georgia in 1961, to his work with the NAACP, the Southern Regional Council, the Voter Education Project, the United Negro College Fund, and the National Urban League, to his successful career. In law and business, Vernon Jordan brought his great mind and strong heart to everything and everyone he touched.

“He was never busy giving good advice and encouragement to young people. He never abandoned his friends or his country. He was a great friend … through thick and thin. We worked and played, we laughed and cried, we won and lost together. We loved him so much and will always do it.”

Jordan advised Bill Clinton on his presidential run in 1992, while he was governor of Arkansas. He also supported Hillary Clinton in her candidacy for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2008 and her candidacy for the White House in 2016.

In 1999, it became Jordan Entangled In Bill Clinton’s Sexual Accountability Drama With Monica Lewinsky, A White House Trainee Was Jordan Assist I am looking for a job.

Along with Lewinsky and Sydney Blumenthal, another Clinton close advisor, he became Main witness In the dismissal proceedings that ended in acquittal.

On Tuesday, pastor Al SharptonAnother prominent civil rights activist said he is “sad to hear of the death of Vernon Jordan, the true civil rights giant. He made a difference. I will always cherish his guidance.”

Stacy Abrams, A former Georgia governor’s candidate who is now fighting for voting rights, wrote on TwitterHe fought the demons of voter suppression and apartheid, and won more than he lost. He brought others with him. They left a map so that more could find their way. Loving his family. Travel by the grace of God.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. She said The Jordanian leadership has brought our nation closer to the founding promise: Everyone is created equal. I hope it is a consolation to his family that so many people across America are crying and praying for them at this time. “

Jaime Harrison is Chairman of the Democratic National Committee. She said: “From civil rights to business, Mr. Jordan demonstrated the highest quality of leadership and created a way forward for African Americans where there was nothing. We will miss him.”

CNN first mentioned The death of Jordan. Jordan’s daughter, Vicky Jordan Adams, told CBS News: “My father passed away last night at about ten in the evening with his loved ones, wife and daughter next to him.” The cause of death was not immediately known.

“We appreciate both the flow of love and affection,” NBC News said Quoted Jordan Adams as saying.

After his roles as field secretary for Georgia NAACP and CEO of the United Negro College Fund, Jordan became a leader of the National Urban League and thus directed the struggle of black Americans for justice and jobs.

Growing up in the southern Jim Crow area, under apartheid, he was the first attorney to lead the Urban League, which was often led by social workers prior to his tenure. During his time in the position, the League expanded by 17 chapters and increased its budget to over $ 100 million. It has also expanded its scope of work to include voter registration efforts and resolving conflicts between the black community and law enforcement.

Jordan told the New York Times in 2000: “My view in all of these race works is to never get angry, no, but rather to get angry.” You take it to completion. “

In 1980, Jordan was shot outside a hotel in Fort Wayne, Indiana, after a sermon he spoke. He underwent five surgeries. During his three-month recovery in hospital, President Jimmy Carter paid a visit to him.

Joseph Paul Franklin, a white fanatic who attacked African Americans and Jews in a killing spree across the United States from 1977 to 1980, eventually admitted to shooting.

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