Twitter has applied a warning flag to the BJP tweet


The truth about Amit Malvia has been verified via a misleading video of Delhi police violence.

On Wednesday, Twitter marked “tampered media” on a video made by the head of the social media division of India’s ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). chirp. Categorizing Tweets is nothing new – since March, Twitter has been slipping them into an inaccurate box Tweets Of American politicians, including President Donald Trump.

But it was the first time the company had classified a tweet from a prominent Indian politician, indicating that it might finally be ready to do what the critics are doing. He was asking American social media platforms to do it for years – Apply the same criteria To the rest of the world as they do in the United States.

A three-second clip was posted on Twitter by Amit Malvia Has bad reputation To spread misinformation as part of his party’s propaganda machine. A policeman in Delhi is shown swinging with a baton on a farmer, one of thousands of people who defy tear gas, water cannons and police barriers. To protest New Agricultural Policies in India.

The police officer in the clip misses. According to the caption of the video, “The police didn’t even touch the farmer.” Malviya’s tweet left the wrong impression that the man had not been injured by the police.

But other police officers attacked the man immediately after cutting the video. Fact Checking Sites She said A longer version of the video shows a second police officer swinging in the direction of the farmer, who later showed his injuries at Journalism.

Twitter Also apply Other examples rating is the same video that other people tweeted.

Malviya did not respond to a request for comment from BuzzFeed News, but a Twitter spokesperson said he had violated the company’s policies against fraudulent media.

A Twitter spokesperson told BuzzFeed News: “The referenced Tweet has been categorized based on synthetic and manipulative media policy.” Clicking the poster will direct people to an author on Twitter Abstract Who exposed by fact-checkers and links to those falsehoods.

Politics by Twitter Advertise In february, Determines “Synthetic media that have been manipulated as“ pictures or videos ”that have been substantially modified or created in a way that changes the original meaning / purpose, or makes it appear as if certain events occurred and did not actually happen. The company The first application The name in March is on a deceptively edited video clip of now president-elect Joe Biden shared by White House social media director Dan Scavino and retweeted by the US President, and has since applied it to multiple tweets by Trump.

But even though a Twitter spokesperson said the policy is “in place worldwide,” the company refused to cite other cases of applying this classification to accounts in non-Western markets. (In the past, Twitter deleted or hid the Brazilian president’s tweets Jair Bolsonaro And a Brazilian politician Osmar Terra To violate its policy against Corona Virus misinformation.)

Digital rights activists have long said that US tech companies have not done enough to prevent the damage their platforms are causing outside the US and Europe. Platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and YouTube have been accused of not only polarizing political rhetoric, but also of feeding Ethnic massacres In South Sudan, Execution outside the law In India and Genocide In Myanmar.

“When it comes to naming misinformation and manipulated content, companies start taking more action, but they still need to do better outside the United States,” said Dia Kayali, Associate Advocacy Director at Mnemonic for Human Rights. “We’ve seen them pump huge resources into the United States and create more content than anyone can imagine. Unfortunately, so far, they haven’t devoted the same amount of resources outside of the United States.”

In India, experts say Twitter was forced to name the tweet Malviya after it was repeatedly called up by the press, fact-checkers and people on social media. “It is the result of continuous criticism for years,” Pratek Sinha, editor of Indian fact-checking website Alt News, told BuzzFeed News. But he said, “This is a first step. It’s too early to be happy.”

It’s also too early to tell what results the label can achieve. Ranking a tweet from a prominent member of India’s ruling party could trigger a backlash in a country that Twitter considers a major growth market.

Politicians from the BJP accused Twitter of “CucumberAgainst the conservatives. Last year, Colin Cromwell, Vice President of Global Public Policy on Twitter, posted a Blog post Entitled “Setting the Record Right on Twitter India and Neutrality”. Three days later, an Indian Parliamentary Committee Grilled Indian executives of the company about the company’s alleged bias.

The label is also important because the video Malviya tweeted was in response to a tweet by Rahul Gandhi, an opposition leader belonging to the Indian National Congress, the country’s oldest political party and rival to the BJP – which means Twitter says the facts of one of the parties are wrong.

Twitter declined to provide details on why it decided to name the tweet Malviya in particular. A Twitter spokesperson said: “In order to determine whether the media has been altered or fabricated in a significant and deceptive manner, we may use our own technology or receive reports through partnerships with third parties.”

“Members of the BJP, they cannot say what they want just because they are politicians,” Kayali said.

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