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NATO leaders took up arms against China and Russia at their summit on Monday, as did President Biden He reaffirmed his commitment for the alliance. China’s growing influence and military powercurrent challengesThe 30-nation alliance said.

This escalation of rhetoric from past summits reflected a new concern about how China intends to use its rapidly growing military power and offensive cyber technologies in the coming years.

NATO countries have warned that China is increasingly posing a global security problem, signaling a fundamental shift in the interest of an institution dedicated to protecting Europe and North America, not Asia.

put it in: At the top end, Biden باي Discuss his approach in the Kremlin. “What I will tell President Putin is that I am not looking for conflict with Russia, but we will respond if Russia continues its harmful activities,” said Biden, who will meet Vladimir Putin on Wednesday in Geneva. “And we will not fail to defend the transatlantic alliance or to defend democratic values.”

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced on Monday that he would Postponed for four weeks The latest lockdown in England has been eased, what British newspapers called “Freedom Day”, which was originally scheduled for June 21, after a sharp rise in cases The delta viral variant is highly contagious.

Restaurants and pubs in England will still have to observe social distancing rules indoors and limit capacity, and nightclubs and theaters will remain closed. The decision will be reviewed within two weeks.

The British vaccination campaign is among the most successful in the world, with around four-fifths of adults receiving at least one injection. But the scientists said those who did not receive their second dose were still susceptible to the delta variant, more so than previous versions of the virus.

In numbers: New cases in Britain average about 8,000 per day and are doubling each week in the worst-affected areas. Hospital admissions began to rise.

Here Latest updates And the pandemic maps.

In other developments:

  • at A rare interview with The Times CorrespondentsShi Jingli, a prominent Chinese scientist who works at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, denounced as unfounded suspicions that the virus originated in a laboratory. “How can I provide evidence of something for which there is no evidence?” She said.

  • The United States has nearly 600,000 recorded deaths of the epidemic, the highest known in any country. For comparison, the country arrived 500,000 deaths by February, 400,000 in january and 300,000 in December.

In the early days of Israel’s fragile new coalition governmentيةMinisters announced plans to mend Israel’s relations with American Democrats and diaspora Jews, and investigate a A stampede at a sacred Jewish site on Mount Meron In April it killed 45 people and allowed a controversial far-right march through Jerusalem.

The initiatives highlighted the complexities and contradictions of the coalition, an unlikely alliance between the hard right, the left and the center, as well as – for the first time in Israel’s history – an independent Arab party.

It was the far-right rally, which was originally scheduled for last month Among the reasons cited by Hamas to launch rockets toward Jerusalem on May 10, sparking an 11-day air war between the militant group and Israel. The group vowed to respond if the march was allowed to move forward.

Citeable: “Supporting evangelical Christians and other groups is important and comforting, but the Jewish people are more than allies, they are family,” said the new foreign minister, Yair Lapid, in his first speech. “Jews of all streams – Reform, Conservative, Orthodox – are our family.”

Related: distance A year of protests outside BalfourHome of the Prime Minister, Israelis discuss the role they played in the downfall of Benjamin Netanyahu.

  • American father and son He pleaded guilty in Tokyo on Monday to helping Carlos Ghosn, the ex-chairman of Nissan, flees Japan where he faces trial for financial misconduct. Above, a car transports Michael Taylor and his son Peter Taylor to stand trial at the Tokyo District Court.

  • Unusual activity at Taishan Nuclear Power Plant In China, it drew international attention, where two French companies involved in the plant acknowledged problems on Monday, but said they could be dealt with safely. Power station officials said no leaks were detected.

Rush hour has long dominated our lives, cities, and tax dollars. But if many of us continue to work remotely, they won’t have to, freeing up space and resources and the desire for better bike lanes and bus service, which could take more cars off the roads.

The editors of T magazine have compiled a file Comprehensive buying guideArtwork, based on interviews with gallery owners, collectors, and artists. Here are their top tips for novice collectors.

Find out what you like.

“Visit a lot of art galleries and museums and learn about artists. I think if you chose one word, it would be ‘exposure.’ And you shouldn’t limit yourself to art that you think you will love.” – Anne Schaeffer, patroness and collector

Do your research.

“I believe in doing a little homework. Educating yourself and reading about the type of art you are interested in is really essential.” – Dennis Gardner, Collector and Chairman-elect of art institute of chicago

Go to the gallery and talk to the people you meet.

“I know no manners other than human kindness.” – Alexis Johnson, Partner at Paula Cooper Gallery

Ask questions and establish connections. (Expect a waiting list.)

“I like people who tend to be very extroverted: ‘That’s what I think I like, that’s what I don’t know, that’s where I start. ” – Bridget Finn, co-founder of Reyes | Finnish Gallery


“You have to be honest if you’re making inquiries and asking for someone’s business, or thinking about getting it. This is someone’s life’s work. That might be $1,000 for you, but that’s someone’s soul.” – Jessica Wessel, lawyer and business university

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