Trump’s 2020 installation dashes Senate Republicans’ hopes for 2022


Last week, Senator Rick Scott of Florida, Republican Senate campaign chairman, Try to put some instructions For Republican Strategy 2022: “What the conversation will be about is Biden’s agenda and what we are going to do going forward.”

Then Trump went to the CPAC in Dallas, Texas, over the weekend—and after ranting about immigrant “caravans” and critical race theory—Repeater of the greatest hits From his grievances for the year 2020.

“The entire system has been rigged against the American people and rigged against a fair, decent and fair election,” he said, facing a red sea of ​​MAGA hats waving. The whole weekend was a Big Lie Festival full of fun with the supposed “7-PT. PLAN TO BACK DONALD J. TRUMP IN DAYS NOT YEARS,” which was distributed to the audience.

Many Republican leaders continue to urge their party members to focus on politics rather than Trump’s favorite topic: reporting the results of the 2020 election. Some Republican senators seem aghast at what they’ve done.

“I think looking back is wrong. If Republicans are moving on to the last election, that means they are not focused on the next election,” Republican Whip in the Senate John Thun South Dakota reporters Monday, to me hill. The Republican Party in the Senate only has to get one seat in order to turn the hall.

“Most voters in the country will want to know what you are doing to solve economic challenges, what you are going to do to address safety on our streets and strengthen borders,” Thun added. “I hope that states parties across the country, at least from our side, will remain focused on those.”

Good luck with that. Many state Republicans, particularly in swing states, are either hungry spokespeople for Trump’s unfounded allegations of election theft or torn apart by it. Figure A: Arizona, where state Senate Republicans order a mock audit of Maricopa County ballot papers while the county Board of Supervisors is dominated by the GOP denounce scrutiny Embarrassed A sight that harms us all.”

Meanwhile, Republican US Senate candidates hoping to win the primaries are deep in Trump’s big lie, which is already defining Republicans in the Seven of eight Class A races 2022 That will decide the fate of the party that controls the House of Representatives.

But Trump criticizes Senate Republicans vying for safe GOP seats who have not demonstrated their loyalty (ie, they refused to vote to annul the 2020 election). Here is a brief overview:

  • In Alaska, both Trump and State Committee of the Republic of Alaska She endorsed the Republican challenger to Senator Lisa Murkowski, Kelly Chebacca.
  • In Alabama, Trump continues to support Rep. Mo Brooks in the Senate while retired state Republican Senator Richard Shelby promotes His former chief of staff Katie Brett for this position. Trump recently issued a statement criticizing Shelby as a “RINO Senator from Alabama.”
  • In Oklahoma, Senator James Lankford has a new primary contender, Jackson Lammer, a 29-year-old pastor from Tulsa, who wants Trump back in office, is touting the idea that these fake Arizona-style revisions could change the outcome of the 2020 election.Republican Party Chairman Jon Bennett endorsed Lammer on Lankford.

In the long and short term, whether or not Senate Republicans regain control of the Chamber in 2022, their caucus will end up being a crazier MAGA than it was.

But in terms of their chances of winning the seat they need to overturn the Senate, Senator Thune has set the Republicans’ biggest challenge.

“You have a third of the electorate who think the last election should be impeached, and you got a third in [the Democratic] The side that wants to take us to Europe, but there is a big third in the middle, will decide these elections.”

Regardless of Thun’s comments about Europe, he is at least right that some voters in the center are likely to decide which party controls the upper chamber. Nor will those voters in the swing state be persuaded to vote Republican by a twice-impeached loser, Trump’s persistent grumbling through 2020. The question is whether sweeping Trump under the rug in the name of the “previous administration” will prove more pressing with them.

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