Trump supports Georgia’s Congressional bid against the Secretary of State who will “ not find ” votes


Nevertheless, Hays is likely to be the main opponent of Ravensberger thanks to Trump’s endorsement and high profile, but his numerous ugly views may also be a hindrance in the general election in what is now a swing state.

Hayes, a pastor who worked as a conservative radio broadcaster prior to his election to Congress in 2014, made a name for himself. With the book of 2012 He wrote, “It is clear that there are many who believe that the government needs a” Gestapo “presence in order to control all these” dangerous “Christians and keep them under control.” Hayes also used this book to attack gays and Muslims, as well as comparing supporters of abortion rights to Hitler.

Hayes has remained a candidate for the far-right in Congress, especially this year. Hayes Posted on Instagram Hours before the January 6 attack on the Capitol: “This is our 1776 moment.” The message was quickly deleted after The New York Times Reporter Charles Bethea was placed on Twitter in the midst of the attack on the building. A Hays spokesperson said the next day, “Post 1776 was our way of highlighting the electoral objection – we removed the post when we realized it could be misunderstood as supporting those who act violently yesterday and break into the Capitol.”

This violence was not enough to stop Hayes from spreading conspiracy theories. Last month, Congressman Use his CPAC board with a title “Who really runs the Biden administration” to announce: “I guarantee you, Georgia is not blue, and what happened in this election was only because of the terrible foreign minister and the terrible decisions he made.”

On the democratic side, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution It reports that one of the “two inclined potential candidates” for the Secretary of State is Vice-State Bi Nguyen, who is First Vietnamese American to serve in the room. Nguyen has been in the news in recent days as she has spoken publicly about anti-racism against Asian Americans in the wake of last week’s deadly attack on health resorts in the Atlanta area.

Meanwhile, Republicans are already looking into the race to succeed Hayes in Georgia’s 10th congressional district. This seat Donald Trump supported 60-39And it will almost certainly remain red after the Republican Party invents new maps.

Republican legislators, Senator Bill Cosert and State Rep. Houston Gaines, He expressed interest in recent days. The AJC Also Name drops 2014 candidate Mike Collins, State Representative Judy Lott, and former President of State John Padgett as potential candidates for the Red Team.

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