Tory Rulloff has a miscarriage and feels “sad, angry and scared”


Tory Rullof opened up about a very personal and very painful tragedy.

The Little People, Big World star recently had a miscarriage.

She shared the heartbreaking news with fans in a frank and emotional post on Instagram on Saturday, March 13th.

“We have been very excited to be posting some exciting news this week,” Torey wrote to open her letter.

“We were so excited when we found out that we were expecting baby number 3, and we can’t wait to participate.

“We went for our first ultrasound at 8 weeks and found out that we had lost our beautiful baby two weeks ago.”

Simply awful.

Message from Tory Rulloff

Alongside this statement, Roloff posted a photo of a cross-stitch project, showing herself, her husband Zach, and their two children, Jackson, 3, and Leela, 16 months old.

The painting also depicted Jesus carrying what would be their third child, along with these words:

“Because I hold you in your right hand.”

Tori and Zach have often talked about wanting to expand their immediate families, with Tory was forced to drop the pregnancy rumors Late last year.

“Frankly, I have never felt the loss like I did at that moment,” Torey said, pulling all the strings in my heart.

“I have never felt sadness, anger or fear in one moment.

“I had no symptoms of losing the beautiful angel baby and there was nothing that could prepare me to hear that our sweet baby is gone.”

Nothing we could ever imagine.

The TLC character – who has over a million followers on Instagram and who has always been admired for being so down-to-earth and up-to-date – has tried to find a positive side to this life-changing development.

“However, I also thought that the first face our little girl or boy should see is Jisoo,” she wrote.

“I am so upset that I have never seen their face, but I feel comfortable knowing that he is with our savior and I will meet them one day.

Torey also expressed praise and gratitude to Zach.

“My husband has been my unshakable rock throughout this journey. He has been by my side during all of it and I couldn’t have done it without him,” she added.

“If there is a plus here it is a realization of how happy we really are. We have two happy, healthy and thriving children, and I know this is not available to everyone.

“We have two children who should snuggle and love each day.”

Continued Tory, who has two young children, and as a result, she often felt the same Anxiety about their well-being:

“Parents should never know the grief of losing a child.

“I pray to God that we find peace because our children are waiting for us in Heaven and we will meet one day.”

Tory concluded with a message of hope to others in her condition, along with a verse from the Bible:

I post this hoping it just touches one mama and lets them know that you are not alone.

I also selfishly post this as a form of healing for myself. I felt as though I needed to acknowledge our beautiful angel baby so that I could share my kids here with me.

This is what I will continue to do – I thank the Lord for what I have.

I thank the Lord for my healthy baby and husband who has loved me through it all.

And she added, quoting Isaiah 41:13:

I hold you in your right hand, I am the Lord your God. I tell you not to be afraid. I am here to help you.

Tory and Zack celebrated their youngest child’s birthday, Leela, in November 2020.

We send them our best and sincere wishes, and we will put them in our minds and prayers as they continue to deal with the repercussions of this family tragedy.

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