Tori Satire Amidst Dean McDermott Split: I Became Khloe Kardashian!


For months, it was obvious that Tori Spelling’s marriage to Dean McDermott has ended.

They haven’t actually separated yet, for the very complicated reason of not having a budget for detached homes yet.

But after an entire summer of seeing her without her ring, Tori showed up with a new look.

Still shave, she’s had a makeover… and she’s twinning hard with Khloe Kardashian.

You know, Tori and Chloe In fact You have some things in common.

Fooled by her little father? Check.

Often butt tough jokes that you don’t really deserve? Check.

So perhaps it’s no surprise that they are currently sharing some looks similar to Tori Follow up.

Tori was going through it this year.

Falling down a marriage is hard enough without you remaining roommates with your ex. Oof.

Change can serve multiple purposes.

It can be therapeutic – There is a lot of psychology behind how tweaking one’s appearance can feel like a fresh start.

A glow can also help if you dip your toes back into the pool dating for the first time in years.

But… come on guys. She’s a serious twin with Khloe Kardashian.

Maybe not on purpose as she is with the stylist and salon owner who styled her hair, but still.

Not just hair. Aspects of her makeup, even her eyebrows, run parallel to Khloe’s look.

Tori satire, Khloe Kardashian split

We don’t think she went to a stylist and said “Please, turn me into Tori Kardashian.”

But the Kardashians are following and influencing current trends in makeup and more, in both positive and negative ways.

This is likely an unintended consequence of Chloe and Tori separately adopting a certain look.

Tori has opened up about how she goes about her fashion and style choices.

Being a mom doesn’t necessarily mean that she forgets how to dress herself.

Sometimes, motherhood can help—specifically, her daughter, Stella.

“I’m going to Target with my eldest daughter [Stella] “Mom, I have to show you what’s in it,” Tori said earlier this year.

And she continued, “I’m like, ‘Okay, okay. Show me. How do you wear it? Oh, a crop top and mom jeans? “

Then Tori claimed, perhaps jokingly: “I’m pretending I don’t know.”

As mentioned, Tori has been going through a rough patch this year.

We don’t just mean that her career has been damaged and her finances are similarly suffering.

But her marriage went from ups and downs to, well, actually over.

Apparently, Dean came home from filming in Canada ready to end the marriage.

He reportedly received a lot of bills to pay.

Having a group of children is expensive, and so is having a group of pets – a source of contention in their marriage.

Reports say Dean would have gone out and started the divorce process…if they had the budget for it.

Tori implicitly confirmed some of that, stating that she does not share the bed with him and is giving away her ring.

Maybe her new Follow up She would take it back… even if she wanted to. But something tells us she didn’t do it for Dean.

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