Top 4 new e-bikes for commuting this summer


Last March, it was NPD Group, Which predicts marketing, said that US sales of e-scooters exploded 145 percent in 2020 compared to 2019. The epidemic is clearly one reason. But besides Peloton he makes gold work out Devils hung at home, the rest of us realized we could run farther (thanks to battery technology that promises at least 50 miles per charge) and arrive without ever covering a sweat.

In turn, this growth has meant that a convenient niche within the now exploding e-bikes includes more realistic and sporty designs, with bumpers and shelves, plus space for the strains to carry equipment or groceries, so you can ditch the car at least half of your tasks. The inner step: keep one of these bikes and, finally, have your own Sportswear Zoom’s “workwear” wardrobe makes perfect sense when you hit the pedals.

The Gazelle Ultimate C8 HMB is a great e-bike to commute.
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Gazelle Ultimate C8 HMB

I’d like to tell you there’s a particular bug in this belt-driven traveler from the Dutch brand, Gazelle, but about the one beef you might conjure up is that it’s limited to 20 mph for 28 mph; The latter is the legal speed limit for e-bikes in most states. However, the 500 Wh battery, the grease-free drivetrain, and the motor with 50 Nm of torque are definitely powerful enough to keep up. Mobility Or a household grocery cart.

And Gazelle thinks about every little detail, so the fenders provide complete coverage (so your feet don’t get wet from tire spray on a wet day); There is a front and back light; And even a bell. The wide gears ensure that you can climb any summit and not roll more than 30 mph, which will bomb a hill. Additionally, a rear rack is standard. Install a pair of panniers and you are all ready to go.


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The Cannondale Adventure Neo is a great e-bike to commute.
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Cannondale Adventure Neo

Do you want more muscle than a deer? So, the new Adventure Neo 1 from Cannondale is your device. Like the Gazelle, all cables are internally routed, for a cleaner aesthetic; We also dig with the battery integrated into the down tube not only for the sharp look, but because it puts less weight into the frame, so the bike feels less agile. What a great feeling definitely no matter what it is with a 625-watt-hour battery and 65 Nm of torque, so the flatbed Neo flies, and that’s even when we added Panniers And I loaded the back rack with a few six-packs and days of groceries.

Like the Gazelle, the Neo has a maximum assistance of 20 mph, but it’s also designed to allow you to pedal at much faster speeds, and it has no problem with hills. This large battery also produces a powerful 64 miles range. The model also comes with headlights and taillights as well as a Garmin radar system that shows you (via a tape-mounted screen) when there is a vehicle behind you so you can approach the shoulder.


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GoCycle G4 is a great e-bike for commuting.
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GoCycle G4i

Foldable electric bikes take a niche inside a niche but if you live in an apartment or have less space, they are very easy to use. GoCycle’s G4 is a very cool way. Firstly, it has an automatic transmission that changes itself; Second, the thrust set is fully positioned; No grease will spoil Denim selvedge. And of course you need to charge the phone on the bike, right? Power comes from a 375Wh battery and the G4i has exceptional acceleration. Accessories include fenders, a rear setup and extra bright lights, but other than that, the G4i comes preloaded.

In testing this bike’s predecessor, the GXi, wider tires were welcome, since most folding bikes not only come with small wheels but narrow rubber, so they don’t bend comfortably, but GoCycle offers a lot of grip. We tested that bike, folded it and dumped it in the trunk of a car, which is very easy. Another advantage of a folding bike that is often overlooked is that store owners don’t care if you bring it to a store in folded form – there’s no way that works with full-size pallets.


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The Diamondback Union 2 is a great e-bike to travel.
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Diamondback Consortium 2

This is the only bike here in the 3 / 28mph class. Do you need this much help? It depends on where you are riding. But 28 versus 20 mph can make a difference if you end up driving with auto traffic, because in some urban environments there is no bike path, and that means car commuting. Union 2, with its fat, is 2.4 inches wide and 27.5 rubbers, it will predictably handle spoiled asphalt or Gravel Tracks more easily than bikes that come with narrower tires. And when it’s time to move, you’ll get a whopping 85 Nm of torque from a 500Wh battery. Like the other models here, all wires and cables are internal, and we estimate that on-board technology includes aluminum, not flimsy plastic fenders, an integrated rear rack, and Lezyne front and rear. It’s even loaded with a Bluetooth enabled bike computer.

Better – and this is still very rare in e-bikes – the front and rear wheels are stabilized via transverse axles, which results in better wheel alignment in the event of leakage from quick releases and significantly increases the stability of the bike’s ability to track turns straight. What is missing? The poster expected $ 6,000. Believe us; This bike is more affordable than it would be from one of the “big” brands.


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