Tips for eating smarter if you live with children


Living with children can be difficult if you are a mum or dad looking to diet or eat well at home. Pasta, grilled cheese, potato chips, biscuits, gum candy and other snacks are commonplace foods, and it’s hard to resist temptations to eat leftovers or eat kid-approved snacks at home.

Snacks can increase quickly, as you may eat a few hundred extra calories a day. However, you can focus on eating clean food and finding the willpower to maintain a healthy diet regardless of what your kids eat for the day. Here are some tips to help make the process easier and develop better eating habits when you are at home.

Keep your food clean in sight

We are more inclined to eat the visible, so keep your healthy fruit bowl or low-carb protein bars and potato chips in a clear spot. Make it easy to get healthy foods for yourself and do so first, before reaching for anything else in your children’s group.

If your snacks are out, you will be more inclined to enjoy them and you will not feel the need to snack on junk food. Additionally, you can use healthy alternatives, so you can lay down Quest Protein Chips Right next to the potato chips you can put Peanut Butter Quest cups Next to their supply of sweets and cookies.

Plan your meals and keep them separate

You can still give your kids pasta with cheese but you can make a healthier pasta dish for yourself and the rest of your family at home. If you have your clean version of what your kids eat, you won’t feel the need to eat MacN’s cheese. Additionally, you can also diversify some of the recipes. Think of it as making a kids menu at home. You wouldn’t order one in a restaurant, so why do you do it at home?

If your child wants pasta with butter, you can still use the same pasta but make a salad or a piece of chicken the centerpiece of your meal and eat a small portion of the pasta as starch. Experiment with what you prepare and what is available to find portion sizes and slight variations to cut down on which dishes work best for your healthy lifestyle.

Throw out their food when you’re done

If they finish dinner, it might be tempting to finish what they didn’t. After all, a macaroni and cheese plate is a plate of macaroni and cheese no matter which one it was intended for. Don’t waste their leftovers. If you set a good example, you already finished your meal. You don’t need to finish them. It’s okay to be a little extravagant because children’s meals are much smaller than adults’, so it won’t have the same moral and economic impact.

Even if you have to force your coworkers to watch you eat, this is better than skipping a meal.

Eat enough a day and don’t miss meals

Skipping meals can leave you hungry, and when you are hungry you cannot make wise choices with your food and eating habits. This may make you crave more snacks and unhealthy foods as well. And what’s in most easy-to-reach snack foods? Large amounts of sugars and carbohydrates. Dangerous cocktail when talking about feeding conditions.

Therefore, make sure you eat enough for meals and snacks so that you do not get into the bag of crackers or cheesecakes due to hunger or cravings. This will help you think more clearly and resist temptations.


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