Tips For A Smooth Move Pack And Go


Finally, the movie is insightful. How wonderful, your new home is waiting for you. Just move to your new home. Well… ‘just’? Packing and moving can sometimes be quite a time-consuming job. Think of piles of moving boxes, all that stuff, and all that lugging. With a few simple tips, you can make packing for your move a lot easier. Time to think more carefully about how and what you pack!

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Moving tips in a row

Tip 1: Declutter your house

During a move, you often only see what you have at home. That is a shock! An action is an excellent opportunity to get rid of things that you no longer use, give them away, take them to the thrift store or sell them. Decluttering your home not only creates more space in your moving boxes but also provides peace and space in your head.

Throw it away, keep it or upcycle it? We give you a few helpful tips!

Tip 2: Recycle straight away

Throwing all your things that you no longer have a new home for in the rubbish dump is really out of date. It is a small effort to dispose of equipment in an environmentally friendly way, for example, by handing them into a recycling station or taking them to the thrift store or giveaway store. Recycle first, then pack! That way, you don’t move unnecessary things. Saves time again.

Tip 3: Smart packing

Be organized, room by room. For example, pack the guest room or storage room first. Logically, you fill the first moving boxes with things that you do not need immediately. Go wild on the color-coding of the packages, not only a wonderfully creative job, but that way, you know exactly what needs to be done where.

Tip 4: Surprising packaging material

Moving with bubble wrap is so 2010. It is much more intelligent, cheaper, and more sustainable to wrap your things in towels, bedding, and clothing.

Tip 5: Moving boxes, rent them!

Instead of buying boxes, you can also rent or borrow them from family or friends. Handy and sustainable!

Tip 6: Filled suitcases and bags

Of course, you divide the heavy things over different boxes, but suitcases and bags are very handy. For example, move books in trolley cases. In this way, you prevent moving boxes from sagging and your entire possessions from lying on the street. You can sometimes also quickly and conveniently move your things in a drawer. Take the drawer out of the cupboard, but leave your administration or other small items in it, for example. Saves time and packaging material.

Tip 7: Disassemble like a pro

Some furniture, such as your sofa or that one large closet, cannot pass through the window or door in its entirety. That will be disassembling! A time-consuming job for which you can also hire a pro, but if you do it smartly, you don’t need it at all. In any case, make sure that you keep all pieces of furniture together and collect all the screws in a bag that you stick to the table. Search in advance if you can find out how to reassemble the furniture online. If not, take pictures of all steps.

Tip 8: Big cleaning

Prepare yourself well for the final cleaning. Get everything you need for a good cleaning and compile a list of your favorite music. Both your old and your new home have to believe it, so you better make it a fun activity. Preferably together with friends or family. Very cozy!

Tip 9: Pack fragile items

Pack crockery separately, in an old newspaper or a tea towel, for example. Place the heaviest items in the box first. A moving box with crockery quickly becomes too heavy, filling the pack with other, light kitchen utensils. Think of tea towels, napkins, or kitchen rolls. Do not forget to state on the boxes that the contents are fragile. This way, they do not end up at the bottom or on top of the stack of moving boxes, and you prevent accidents.

Tip 10: Keep important parts at hand

Make sure you pack essentials such as keys, your toiletry bag, and a few sets of clothes in a separate box, or keep them separate in a suitcase or overnight bag. This way, you won’t have to go through all the boxes looking for underwear or other essential items.

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