Tim Clarkson and Melisa Zeta tell fans of the 90 Days Fiance: We’re back together!


With a movie premiere The other way is backFans learned that Melisa and Tim split up.

The 90 Days Preacher: The Other Way In Season Two, the couple had struggles with commitment, to say the least.

Now, however, they have good news.

After their breakup showed them how much they miss each other, they are back together.

On Sunday’s 90 Day Bares All episode, Melisa Zeta and Tim Clarkson share their news.

(You can watch this clip in this post, and the full episode on the Discovery Plus streaming service)

In addition, the reunited couple rushed out Persons.

Melisa Zeta and Tim Clarkson Are Back Together (Discover +)

Melisa revealed, “Before Tim suggested, I was totally hopeless and crushed.”

“I thought my chance for eternal happiness with the man I loved was lost,” she said sadly.

“Fortunately, I was wrong,” said Melisa.

“Our participation appears to be valid,” said Melisa.

She admitted that “putting a ring on her does not solve the whole problem.”

“But it is definitely a big step in the right direction,” Melisa said.

Melisa Zeta- We're not doing well after the break-up

Melisa added that this step was “definitely a step that we have wanted to take for years.”

Tim said, “Engaging with Melyza is the most complete I’ve ever felt in my life.”

“Before we proposed, I felt like I was just trying to move on from what I felt was right for me and my life,” he recalls.

“I thought the ‘right’ thing to do was try to move forward,” said Tim.

And, he said, “the distance was killing me.”

“I now realize how stupid I was – as always,” Tim said, laughing at himself.

“The bottom line is that Melissa is the only woman I’m supposed to spend my life with,” Tim stressed.

He praised: “She sees more inside me than I sometimes see myself.”

“And I can’t find that in anyone”; Tim continued. “Let’s be real, I’m painful.”

Tim Clarkson and Melissa Zeta kiss as deposit

“I know we still have a long way to go to repair the damage I have done,” said Tim.

He added, “But we both know how much we love each other, how comfortable we are for each other.”

And Tim continued: “How positive we are that our life together will be wonderful.”

Melisa Zeta cries- I'll miss him so much

Tim and Melyza share that it took Tim’s return journey no more than 24 hours to come up with a suggestion.

“The suggestion couldn’t be more than a ‘cheese stick,’” Tim said.

“I traveled to Colombia to see Melisa and ask the question,” he said.

Melissa Zeta and Tim Clarkson in couples therapy

“We went to a resort in Cartagena, and I knew this was my chance,” said Tim.

He recalls thinking “I thought we’d really dress up and go out to dinner at least once.”

Tim admitted: “I couldn’t be mistaken any more.”

Tim Clarkson and Melissa Zeta go to pick up Tim's mother

“It was just sandals and shorts the whole time,” Tim explained.

“I decided to get her out on the sidewalk,” he said.

Tim took her to the pier, “I felt like we were just in the middle of nowhere with Cartagena in the background.”

Tim Clarkson and Melissa Zeta hold hands before leaving

“I pointed out anything I could make it turn around,” Tim said.

“That’s when I fell on my knees,” she poured.

Tim described the proposal as “the best moment of my life.”

Melisa said that she “loves every second” of the show.

She explained that it was perfect “because it was us.”

“Tim asked me to walk to a nearby pier so we could take pictures with Cartagena in the background,” she recalls.

And Melisa narrated: “He pointed to the city and made a comment on it, so I turned to it.”

“By the time I went back and looked at him, Melisa exclaimed,“ He was on one knee.

There, she saw Tim “holding the most beautiful ring ever!”

“I answered yes, and I couldn’t stop shaking for 45 minutes from the moment he asked,” Melisa assured.

She said she felt exhausted “because like everyone else, I couldn’t believe it!”

As you can see in the accompanying clip, the two liked how things worked for them, and how they couldn’t stay apart.

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