Tiffany Franco cries at her fiancée for 90 days: Ronald father is dead!


Sixth season Movie premiere 90 Days Fiancé: Is He Forever Happy? He was missing some husbands.

But the season’s second episode will bring viewers together again with fan-favorite Tiffany Franco.

Things are not going well at all between her and her South African husband, Ronald Smith.

In fact, she described him as a big jerk … and a totally horrific father.

Next time - Tiffany Franco is back

Tiffany Franco is 29 years old and a mother of two.

Although she married Ronald Smith in South Africa, she is back in Maryland.

She has a son Daniel, who is a (universally loved) child from a previous relationship, and a young daughter Carly.

The 31-year-old Ronald is back in South Africa.

While it is expected (and confirmed in the previews, in fact) that she will return to meet him, things are not good.

They are not happy enough that she has met with a lawyer … and is considering ending the marriage.

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“Ronald, at the moment, is not emotionally supportive,” Tiffany explains in a voiceover as the preview begins.

“It is not financially supportive,” she adds.

Having a baby is expensive … but right now it’s all on Tiffany’s cost.

Tiffany regrets: “Ronald never offered once,” Hey, let me buy Carly’s diapers. ”

“Hey, let me send her some clothes or let me send you the money for the clothes,” says Tiffany.

Nothing, Tiffany asserts.

Video Reviews for Tiffany Franco 6x02 02 from 04

“This is very frustrating,” Tiffany posed for the camera.

It is especially frustrating “because it is not just my responsibility.”

Tiffany very correctly notes that “I didn’t make this kid on my own.”

Properly masked, she sits at the attorney’s office to see what her options might be.

Tiffany provides basic information about her attorney.

There is a lot to cover, and not everyone is watching Fiancé 90 days – although you will not know it from the ratings.

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“We applied for a marriage visa,” Tiffany said.

I predicted “literally within a month to three more months.”

Tiffany said, “We must get a response on whether it will be approved or rejected and he can attend.”

The attorney then asked more about their history, including when they lived together.

Tiffany shared that their longest time spent under one roof was three months.

And the future … is uncertain at best.

Video Reviews for Tiffany Franco 6x02 04 from 04

“I don’t know,” desperate Tiffany.

“At first, I was pretty sure of everything,” she recalls.

Tiffany admits, “And now, I’m not sure about anything.”

Does Tiffany want to remain married to a man who does not support her or their daughter emotionally or financially?

“Actually, at this moment, I have no idea,” Tiffany confessed to her lawyer.

Then she spoke to the camera to share more of her feelings.

Tiffany freely admits that she is “always committed to making things work” with Ronald.

But for now, she said, she appears to be “the only one trying” to keep their marriage alive.

“Now, more than ever, everything is really tense,” Tiffany told the attorney.

Next time - Tiffany Franco - we have no choice but to divorce

“We’ve had moments when I wonder if this marriage was right for me,” said Tiffany.

We’ll see more as the season continues.

That said, Tiffany’s introductory episode (for this season) was likely an intro, just like everyone else.

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