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A relative wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) attends the funeral of a family member who died of COVID-19, at one of the largest crematoriums in New Delhi on April 26. (Simaburi Cremation Square / Amit Sharma File)
  • Opinion By Sanya Farooqi (New Delhi, India)
  • Inter Press service
  • Sania Farooqi is a New Delhi-based journalist and filmmaker.

The rise in case numbers was exponential in the second wave, and is widely attributed to Variable B.1.1.7, Which was first identified in the UK and also a local variant, called B.1.617, with double mutations. The World Health Organization has classified the variable B.1.617 as a surrogate for Global concern, With some preliminary studies showing that it spreads more easily.

Public places, election rallies, and large religious gatherings are reopening Blame For height. Vice President of the Indian Medical Association (IMA) Dr Navgot Dahia described Prime Minister Narendra Modi as a “ super publisher ” and blamed him for the second wave of COVID-19. In his interview with Prof. Everyday EnglishDr. Dhahia said, “While the medical fraternity is trying hard to make people understand the mandatory rules of the virus, Prime Minister Modi did not hesitate to address the large political rallies that threw all the criteria of Covid in the air.” While the marches were later converted toVirtual marches‘At large gatherings, people are still called to watch and attend these virtual gatherings.

India, which is one of the largest economies in the world, spends only 1% of its GDP on healthcare, making it difficult for public health systems to shoulder the burden of this pandemic. Worse, at a time when the government should have focused all of its time, energy and efforts in managing and organizing the response to the pandemic, Prime Minister Modi chose to prioritize the elections. The government has gone away, ignoring all the helpless citizens who have died on the streets, outside of hospitals, in makeshift ambulances and homes, as they gasp for oxygen, medicine, or any form of medical aid. From the time a person becomes infected with Covid-19, to the time of death and burning, there is no dignity. The corpses of suspected Covid patients have now been found floating and washed away by the waves on the banks of Ganga in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. This NDTV Report It states that “in the absence of any Covid protocols in the rural crematoria, local residents fear that the infection will spread further, and families have been forced to send bodies in the river.”

These are not just reports and visuals, but the vivid experiences of hundreds and thousands of Indian citizens who have suffered and watched their family members and loved ones suffer. From this ignorance, Which would have been easily prevented, if this pandemic could only have been a priority for the senior officers running the country.

At the time it owns most of the Indian cities run out From hospital beds, oxygen supplies and medicines, with crematoriums running day and night in many cities across the country, with people having to wait hours to cremate or bury the dead, the government must stop and ponder what this outbreak is doing to a country. There was an influx of Global supportWith many countries sending oxygen cylinders, condensers, respirators, and other medical equipment to the Indians. However, 1.8 billion dollars was spent on rebuilding The historic center of the capital In the midst of the pandemic, it also highlights the current government’s priorities.

The second wave in India stripped all Indians of the dignity and respect that the state should have accorded to its citizens, in a time of global crisis, more than that for its democratic election not once but twice. It would have been easier to summon the failures of this government if they at least tried to prevent the second wave, but the top leaders were busy with election rallies and encouraging mass religious gatherings, which we could not afford to be redirected yet. BBC reports “The Kumbh Mela pilgrims turn into super publishers, saying” it’s a disaster. ” West Bengal, Which is the state where the last elections were held, is still witnessing a sharp increase in Covid cases.

Meanwhile, volunteers are the ones who have come forward to save lives Social media It has become a life-saving tool, to find oxygen supplies and medical supplies. Strangers go out of their way to help each other and do anything to keep someone they may not even know … alive. This should not be the case. Amidst reports like this, there are also reports from Uttar Pradesh where Prime Minister Yogi Adityanath has asked officials to take action under the National Security Act and seize property of individuals spreading “rumors” and propaganda on social media and attempting to “spoil the atmosphere,” as well. Reported Hindus.

All adults in India are now eligible to be vaccinated, however Vaccination over the age of 18 The drive suffered from a vaccine shortage and technical issues with many users being unable to sign up for Site Or get an appointment. Several states say they do not have the necessary doses to carry out the exercise.

Earlier in January, Prime Minister Modi declared India one of the countries that have succeeded in controlling the Coronavirus. While Processing “India has taken a proactive approach to public engagement, developed a health infrastructure for COVID and trained its resources to combat COVID,” Prime Minister Modi said at the World Economic Forum’s Davos Dialogue on January 28, 2021. The exaggeration and early announcement of the government’s success was a self-fulfilling prophecy, but it proved disastrous after only a few weeks. After all,Incinerators tell the truth“, And the India media complaint It can only do much to blame “the opposition, liberals, Muslims, activists, leftists, protesters, NGOs, and other” anti-patriots “.

The power of positivityIs that during a pandemic, when the state is fighting a “kind of global anxiety,” in the absence of a strong healthcare system and managing the epidemic, the “positivity” of Covid-19 virus Infection, which unlike pure humans, does not see a religion, no class, not even votes or vote banks, it only takes a viral particle, A globular envelope protects one long chain of genetic materialHe introduces it into a human cell – eventually killing the body and ending an infection.

Instead of requiring citizens to be positive, which is something that most of them already have about Covid-19, the focus of the government should be solely on restoring any remaining dignity to its citizens in India, and it will take a lot of effort to fight this. ‘Positive’ Up in the air. Health experts have already warned that A. Covid the third wave It is inevitable in India. With an already collapsed and overburdened healthcare system, and an aggressive variable spreading rapidly across the country, the government has little time to mend these fissures if all that values ​​the lives of its citizens.

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