The war on “wokeness” is escalating in the US and Britain


Right-wing institutions in the United States and Britain embrace the principle of anti-racism. Grievances against “awakening” and “abolishing culture” – two amorphous terms, with the former cited now as a contempt for excessive left-wing dogmatism, usually on identity issues, and the latter as a condemnation of liberal censorship and intolerance – is now the currency of the kingdom in the right-wing American media. It also spearheads a range of Republican legislative initiatives, including bills Banning the teaching of critical race theory In some public institutions and Take control of the way schools teach American history.

All of this is, at best, symptomatic of the real domestic issues that shape the country’s politics, be it The statistically popular effort of President Biden To inject massive stimulus into the economy, or his Republican opponents moved in state legislatures to tighten voting laws. But the power of the culture war is undeniable – and Republicans are directing their anger at companies that have talked about or withheld business from Georgia after the state’s Republican legislature passed a controversial election law.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R. Kentucky) declared earlier this week: “Corporations will call for dire consequences if they become a way for the extreme left masses to hijack our country outside of the constitutional order.” The political career, like many people in Washington, has been spent advancing interests A group of billionaires from the oligarchy And the Many corporate lobbyists.

“ Waking is a mysterious term plagiarized From Black American EnglishConservatives have reused it as an adjective to express opposition to forms of equality that they find absurd or repugnant – in this case, the idea that the electors of the opposing party should have the unrestricted right to vote, Adam Serror Books in The Atlantic. Clinging to the term capital, it acts as an expression of the void of conservative populism, which opposes the lack of concentration of corporate power as much as it opposes the use of that power for purposes that the conservatives do not agree with.

In Britain, a similar game is afoot. The country’s right-wing tabloid newspapers, which routinely inflame supposed left-wing behavior in public institutions, In the arms Activists “wake up” question the legacy Personalities like Winston Churchill Or smearing the British Empire story with inappropriate facts – and little bit intriguingly discussed – about Corruption of colonial rule.

After losing his job on one of Britain’s most popular morning shows due to his constant attacks on the former Duchess of Sussex, Megan Markle, broadcaster Pierce Morgan, gave his first major interview with Tucker Carlson of Fox News, a major supporter of American culture. war.

“ So if most people in Britain – and I think you speak for America too – see what’s going on here, they see it as a scam, and they see wokeness is really an effort by the people really in charge to gain more power and wealth for themselves – it’s very clear that – Why should everyone bear it? ” Carlson asked.

Morgan responded that it was “terrifying” that “people are so frightened by the fear of the awakened mob that they cannot express their opinion honestly without being immediately branded as racist.”

But in Britain, the Conservatives are the ones in power, and in some cases, Arming “anti-wake” feelings. Minister in the government in January Proposed legislation To protect historical statues from “the mob.” In February, it emerged that Education Secretary Gavin Williamson was planning legislation that would require public funding for universities on “freedom of speech” – a reflection of a longstanding conservative complaint also present in the United States about left-wing ideology at universities but an attempt, in and of itself, to control Thought and expression.

What drives this war to “wake up”? Politics, it is clear. “The Republicans are trying to reformulate the removal [former president Donald] Trump accounts From Facebook and Twitter As a narrative Silencing liberal tech companies A prominent conservative, instead of the platforms you are punishing Trump for using Inciting violence and encouraging the overturning of the election results, Wrote Berry Bacon Jr. for thirty-five and eighteen. “If Republicans suppress the Democrats’ votes or attempt to overturn the election results in future elections, as seems entirely possible, the party is likely to justify this behavior in part by suggesting that the Democrats are too extremist and awake to not be allowed to dominate the government.”

“These attempts to breathe new life into the dubious old battles are not just about telling the Tory base what it wants to hear, or distracting the Conservative Party members who are restless about lifting the lockdown, although they serve both purposes usefully,” Written by Guardian columnist Gabby Hensliffe. “They are also trying to dictate the conditions under which normal domestic politics can resume, as the epidemic begins to recede.”

This means making life even more difficult for the opposition Labor Party, which is desperately trying to rally its tough coalition of urban cosmopolitan voters in places like London with members of the more traditional working class in other parts of the country, who have defected in large numbers. Conservatives in the recent elections are likely to be more zealous about the “wake-up” agenda.

During a webinar on Thursday, Labor MP David Lamy said his party could not evade calls for racial justice even as it sought to appeal to a working white class. “We have to work together,” Lamy told Today’s WorldView. “It would be a great farce if we left the podium and did not make these arguments. He does not comment on one another, but stands together and confront modernity.”

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