The United States’ credibility on the world stage is diminishing as racial unrest escalates. But American activism may be a beacon


Protests have continued in the aftermath of the killing of George Floyd by the police for more than a month in the United States and around the world. But the American public was shocked once again by the killing of another African American man Richard Brooks In the process of arrest, which led to a renewed wave of protests.

Domestic Ethnic Unrest in the United States – The The oldest The continuation of democracy in the world and the world leader he considers himself – has made accusations of hypocrisy.

Many governments and citizens of the world, including those in The Indian and Pacific OceansThey ask how democratic the United States really is.

However, inspiring activity by American citizens may present a positive side.

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Spotlight on US hypocrisy

Police brutality against people of color in the United States and the way President Donald Trump responded to the protests that followed represent a new chapter in American history. Human rights violations.

ChinaThe United States was soon described as hypocritical, which was often scrutinized by the United States for racial and religious discrimination and the repression of political activists.

While many Indian and Pacific governments are silent about the domestic situation of the United States, racial problems in the United States serve as a reminder that while it prides itself on being the bell From freedom, the country tends to say one thing but do another.

Trump administration in the beginning Refusal To promote moral values ​​internationally, but he cannot He divorces himself easily From the United States’ global role as a defender of human rights and democracy.

For example, in November of last year, Trump signed the Bill Ban on export of crowd control munitions to Hong Kong Police. It was an attempt to force China and Hong Kong to pursue negotiations in the wake of massive anti-government protests.

But the bill contrasts with the excessive power of the United States against African Americans and The protestersAnd Trump Aggressive language On Twitter.

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Questions about American democratic legitimacy

The deaths of African Americans at the hands of the US police and the ensuing protests and the government’s response can be seen as weakening the United States. legitimacy As a defender of human rights and democracy.

The United States government continued to pursue this Leadership The world, including the Indian and Pacific Oceans. at Strengthen Democracy, the United States needs international support more than any other democracy.

In November of last year, the US government released a document titled “Free and open Indo-Pacific region“, In which Washington detailed the steps it has taken to ensure the continuation of the Indo-Pacific region in peace, prosperity and security.

One of the key points in the document deals with the United States’ obligation to punish states for mistreating their own citizens.

Even before the death of George Floyd, the international image of the United States in respecting American human rights suffer In several Asia-Pacific countries from 2013 to 2018, driven by massive U.S. government surveillance programs that violate the right to privacy.

Among allies in Asia, views of the United States have tended to decline slightly since Trump became president.

And continuing ethnic turmoil will make it difficult for US diplomats to spread the message of democracy and human rights.

In Indonesia, one of the largest countries in the Indo-Pacific and the third largest democracy, citizens question American democracy.

Saeed Aqeel SirajAnd the head of state and the world The largest Islamic organization, Nahdlatul Ulama, has indicated that US democracy and its human rights system is in crisis.

Siyadh said police abuse of African Americans is a manifestation of the crisis, and US-style democracy cannot be the global standard.

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An inspiring activity

What the United States may lose in dealing with internal unrest can be restored through its citizens’ anti-racism activism, which has reverberated across the world.

Americans have responded to legal injustices against minorities and the recent killings of many African Americans through multiple means, including social media.

Their expressions are diverseThey may be guided by their levels of interest in public issues, amount of time and money, and political skills such as lobbying and fundraising.

American political participation outside the street cannot be ignored – which is often lost in media reporting, especially outside the United States.

Those who have less time or are unwilling to risk their health amid the pandemic by joining a street protest but have the financial resources, have chosen to participate through Donations To bail money for those imprisoned during the demonstrations, or for Democratic candidates and cases.

Huge companies, like The designations of the major registrations Those who had taken advantage of the black artists, stopped and made public their position.

Companies like Walmart And the Johnson & Johnson She also chooses business practices in favor of diversity.

American citizens of all races, ages, and economic backgrounds are a reminder to the world’s authoritarian and democratic regimes of what those committed to the values ​​and practices of democracy and human rights can do.

Their battle against intolerance has become an inspiration for the people of the Indo-Pacific countries, such as Indonesia, India, Singapore, the Philippines, South Korea and Japan who are fighting against them. Discrimination and intimidation at home.

Racial problems in Asian countries range from obsession with light skin in India and petty aggression in Singapore, to the absence of anti-racism law in a homogeneous country with a vibrant migrant worker community and multicultural families such as South Korea.

In Indonesia, #BlackLivesMatter gave value Larger To pay discussions running racism Violence against Papuans.

American citizen activism, in its own way, can help the United States maintain its international legitimacy for human rights and democracy.

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