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Over the next week, one of the timetables will define the future of humanity. One is the fraudulent division of Joe Biden as president followed by the surrender of the United States to Communist China. The second is the re-election of Donald Trump as president of the bankrupt American establishment, which may happen after an interim military government, an investigation into election fraud, and in the end what Trump described as a “smooth transition” to the new republic. This could involve escalating trade and electronic warfare with China, to the detriment of the planet.

The third is not to choose any of the above, followed by a transition period to replace a corrupt and bankrupt American company with something that actually represents the aspirations of the American people and humanity as a whole. This third option would mean that humanity would be free to decide its own future, rather than being haunted by fear from one manufactured crisis to another.

The future of the United States will be in the hands of the more than 20,000 National Guard troops deployed to Washington, DC to oversee the inauguration of the next president of the American corporation. What these forces need to ask themselves is why the so-called democratically elected government guards the people.

Instead of facing the protection of a corrupt government from the wrath of the people they are supposed to represent, they should realize instead that they are cornering criminals. They should arrest deep state actors within the Beltway who knowingly participated in validating rigged elections and committing treason.

This means that the American people need to work on phones, call friends and friends of friends, to contact people scattered in the capital, and remind them that they have sworn to protect the Constitution of the United States of America against all foreign and domestic enemies. . On January 20Y You will get them surrounded. Rotate them while you can.

Troops stationed in the capital may have been brainwashed into believing they were protecting the legitimately elected Joe Biden from Trump’s “white fanatic”. That is why these forces should ask themselves why they did not have to protect Barack Obama from these “white extremists” when he was elected. The reason is that when Obama was elected they believed it was by the majority of the American people (and Dominion voting machine software). This is not the case with China Joe as additional fake polling pranks were required in the middle of the night.

The other thing that the forces have to understand is that they are being lied to about why the presidential inauguration should take place behind closed doors as a “virtual inauguration”, due to the “Covid-19” pandemic. The US military has been provided with crucial evidence that the entire artificial crisis is the result of a long-considered fraud. In addition, there is also the possibility that they are aware that the transition is about to happen from the US company to the return of the republic.

Below is a patent survey of the “Covid-19” test that Richard A. Rothschild recorded in 2016, three years before the outbreak of the so-called pandemic. Take a look at the third line from the bottom: “Last update 06/22/2016.” Patented Covid test

We made a paper copy of this patent registration because we are sure that once it gets revealed, they will break into the database and try to change the dates.

MI6 sent the following message to the Western-aligned military leadership:

“ The public health emergency is either a bogus or a cover for something much worse, and it all seems to accumulate after one fact has been proven that in 2016 the patent was filed in the Netherlands for the PCR test …[therefore] We urge the international armed forces and military intelligence capabilities to …

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