The Spring 2021 mentorship program of “Women in Animation” to focus on the advancement of women of color


Women in Animation (WIA) is collaborating with Black N’Animated, LatinX in Animation, and Rise Up Animation on the 2021 Spring Mentorship Program to “directly promote career opportunities for women of color in the animation industry”. According to a press release, the program will begin Mentorship requests accepted March 31. “Although applicants are not limited to people of color, we strongly encourage them to apply.”

Part of the WIA’s goal of reaching 50/50 by 2025, the mentorship program connects women and non-bisexual individuals at all levels and across a variety of industry roles with great mentors who can help them achieve their career goals by mentoring on taking the next steps in their career paths. ”

Black N’Animated, LatinX in Animation, and Rise Up Animation all recruited and referred mentors from their own networks to participate.

WIA Mentor departments see a mentor in the industry with up to 10 trainees. These “circles” will meet regularly over the course of four months. Forty-five mentors have been enrolled and will be able to support more than 400 trainees. Led by Mentor Koch Idrea-Walden, the mentor group is made up of 73 percent women / non-bisexual, 48 percent BIPOC, and 40 percent internationally.

“I am very excited to see this round of circles reflecting the amazing range of perspectives, voices and talents that can help the animation industry continue to grow and thrive. Everyone has an amazing story to share and something unique, personal, wonderful and important to bring to the table,” Walden said. “I wouldn’t be able to achieve the things that I have achieved without some great mentors, and I am delighted to help more women connect with mentors who can help them achieve their goals.”

Marge Dean, Chair of WIA, commented, “The WIA mentorship program is really at the heart of what WIA is about. We are very proud of the tremendous success of this program and the many careers that the program has supported and inspired over the years. We have received countless comments from each of the trainees. We recognize that the financial challenges of our members can be daunting in these pandemic times, and that mentorship support is more valuable than ever at this moment, so we have adjusted our budget allocations to allow a wider participation of trainees without charging. On access to this program in 2021. ‘

Head over WIA website For more information about the Spring Mentorship Program. WIA members and program partner organizations can apply for free.

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