The global death toll from Covid-19 exceeds 4 million


The death toll from the Corona virus in the world exceeded four million On Thursday, a loss roughly equal to the population of Los Angeles, according to the Center for Systems Science and Engineering at Johns Hopkins University.

The virus took nine months It kills a million peopleAnd the pace has accelerated since then. And he lost the second million in three and a half monthsAnd the The third in three monthsAnd the fourth in about two and a half months. The number of reported daily deaths has recently decreased.

These are officially reported numbers, which are widely believed to underestimate the number of deaths associated with the epidemic.

“The numbers may not tell the whole story, yet they are still really amazing globally,” said Jennifer B. Nuzzo, an epidemiologist at Johns Hopkins University’s Bloomberg School of Public Health.

Mrs. Nuzzo said number Excess deaths have been reported Around the world they noted that “low-income countries have been hardest hit than official figures might suggest”.

Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General of the World Health Organization, called the killing of four million people a tragic event on Wednesday, and said the death toll continues to rise largely due to dangerous versions of the virus and inequality in the distribution of vaccines.

“Exacerbated by fast-moving variables and the shocking injustice of vaccination, many countries in every region of the world are experiencing sharp rises in cases and hospitalizations,” Dr.

The official death toll figures tell only part of the epidemic’s horrific story. In many places, people died without beds to comfort them due to the rules to prevent the spread of the virus. Many countries have been completely bypassed.

the dead Cremation areas in India In May, where At least 400,000 confirmed deaths Actual number reported It is likely to be higher. This was also the case At the funeral in the United States of America, Which Over 600,000 known deaths Last month.

The virus has hit Latin America since the beginning of the epidemic, And some of these countries have been struggling with the deadliest outbreak of the disease to date.

As of Tuesday, seven countries were among the ten countries with the highest death rates relative to their population over the past week South americaAccording to data from Johns Hopkins University, the virus is a destabilizing force in many countries in the region.

government health data In Colombia, more than 500 people die from the virus every day in June. The country also went through weeks of bombings protests On Poverty made worse by the pandemic which was sometimes met with violent police response.

A wave of cases in Peru has cost many people their livelihoods and thousands of poor Occupying empty spaces of land south of Lima. In Paraguay, which as of Tuesday had the highest number of Covid-19 deaths per capita of any country during the previous week, social networks often like obituary pages.

Brazil which The official death toll recently exceeded 500,000, has the most new infections and deaths of any country in the past week. A recent study found that Covid-19 led to a significant increase Reduction in life expectancy in Brazil.

Many vaccines have proven effective Against corona virus, including Highly contagious delta variantMortality rates have fallen sharply in many parts of the world where large numbers of people have been vaccinated, such as the United States and much of Europe.

but the The virus is still rampant In areas with low vaccination rates, such as parts of Asia, Africa and South America. Some places with relatively high vaccination rates, such as England, is also seeing a rise in cases, although fewer such cases have resulted in hospitalizations and death.

There are “more than two dozen countries with nearly vertical epidemiological curves,” said Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove, who works on the coronavirus response at the World Health Organization.

“The virus is now showing us that it is thriving,” she said.

Rich countries and international organizations have I pledged billions of dollars to Kovacs., a global initiative to share vaccines, and countries like The United States has promised to supply hundreds of millions of doses. But those numbers pale in comparison to the 11 billion vaccine doses experts estimate will be needed to curb the virus worldwide.

So far, just under 3.3 billion doses of vaccine have been administered worldwide, according to vaccination data from local governments compiled by Our world in data Project at Oxford University. Almost all of them were vaccines that required more than one dose to be fully effective.

The differences in progress from state to state are stark, as some have already vaccinated most of their adult citizens While others have not yet reported giving a single dose.

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