The German mask scandal shakes Merkel’s party as the elections approach


As anger mounts over the weekend, he initially said he would not run for re-election in the September election, admitting that he made a “mistake” in the way he handled the committees.

George Neslin, a lawmaker from the sister party of the Christian Democrats, said he will not run for re-election as he is being investigated over allegations that he received $ 712,000 in lobbying fees from a mask supplier. He resigned from the Christian Socialist Union on Monday, but did not quit his seat in Parliament, despite invitations to him, including from the party leader.

“Such behavior is inappropriate, and we are ashamed,” Paul Zimiac, general secretary of the Christian Democrats, told the Bild newspaper.

Merkel’s party timing which is Struggling to paint a new chapter With more than 15 years of her leadership over, this is terrible. The scandal occurred at the start of Germany’s “super election year”, with the first statewide elections in the lead up to the parliamentary vote in September this weekend.

Her party has already been holding back in the polls, with frustration growing in Germany over a stalled vaccine rollout and delays in the promised rapid test plan. In a poll conducted by the German political research institute INSA that explores how Germans will vote in the federal elections, and support the Christian Democrats and their sister party It’s down to 30 percent, Which is the lowest level since the beginning of the epidemic.

Britain – widely seen in Berlin as an example of how not to deal with the pandemic – now has fewer daily cases than Germany, with more than 30 per cent of Britons receiving at least one vaccine dose, compared to 6 per cent of Germans. .

Germans have been angered by a certain level of restrictions related to the coronavirus since November, and patience is running out. Most Germans want the restrictions to be eased. Last week the government announced a complex roadmap to reopen it, even as cases rose and the more contagious alternative first identified in Britain became more dominant.

Christian Democrats are expected to win just 24 percent of the vote in the elections in the southern state of Baden-Württemberg this weekend, compared with 35 percent for the Greens. According to a survey by ZDF TV last week.

In the Rhineland-Palatinate state elections, also this weekend, the Christian Democrats were the same Expected to lose support.

This could be bad news for Armin Laschet, who was voted the leader of the Christian Democrats earlier in the year. Party officials said they would wait and see the results of the local elections before deciding whether to choose the party to succeed Merkel.

Parliament lifted Nüsslein’s immunity last week to allow authorities to search his headquarters amid a corruption investigation by Munich prosecutors. He denies wrongdoing.

Marcus Söder, president of the Christian Socialist Union and a potential candidate to succeed Merkel, told ZDF TV on Monday that Nosselin should resign his seat in Parliament immediately and donate any money he received in connection with mask contracts.

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