The French authorities are investigating whether the ministers are having dinner in secret luxury restaurants, thus violating restrictions imposed on the spread of the virus


But some broke the rules. The authorities opened the next investigation Secret report broadcast by M6 channel Friday, which included footage of an unidentified man in a talking-like restaurant bragging about his last dinner “with a certain number of ministers.”

“We are still in a democracy,” the man said in the report. “We do what we want.”

The M6 ​​report sparked widespread public outrage over the weekend, as social media users shared the hashtag #OnVeutLesNoms – “We want the names” – and the demand for the identities of the politicians who were dining at the restaurant. A number of the tweets included references to the guillotine and the French Revolution.

French media later identified the unnamed man as Pierre Jean Chalinson, the owner of the Vivienne Palace in central Paris. Challinson retracted his comments and said he was just joking, according to Radio France Internationale.

Interior Minister Gerald Darmanen He asked the police to search In the allegations and the trial of the organizers, while government spokesman Gabriel Atal said in a television interview on Sunday that the authorities have been investigating secret parties for months and have already identified 200 suspects.

The Paris attorney general’s office opened an investigation into the allegations on Sunday, indicating that those responsible for illegal restaurants could face possible charges of endangerment and undeclared work.

In the M6 ​​report, reporters photographed secretly entering a venue in an upscale Parisian neighborhood. The wait staff showed them a list that included champagne and caviar – with meals amounting to € 490 per person, around $ 577 – and warned them not to be allowed to wear face masks indoors.

“The people who come here take off their mask,” said one of the men. “Once you walk in through the door, there will be no more COVID-19.”

There are more than 40,000 restaurants in Paris alone, and those who work in the food industry have complained that the shutdown has ruined their revenues.

Many responded angrily when the government announced last November that restaurants would remain closed during the holiday season, even as some non-essential stores reopened. Facebook groups invite restaurants To open illegally She found the support of tens of thousands of supporters.

In January, Paris police said it had discovered 24 restaurants operating in defiance of pandemic rules over a two-day period. In a restaurant, 10 local judges were fined by police officers after they were caught eating on the balcony.

The judges reportedly told police officers, “We should have lunch.” Le Parisien.

France has recorded a total of 4.8 million cases of coronavirus and more than 96,000 deaths. The country entered a partial national lockdown last week after an increase in new cases attributed to the emergence of a type of coronavirus that was first identified in Britain.

In announcing the new measures, French President Emmanuel Macron emphasized the need for solidarity. He said, “We’ll all get there.”

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