The fight over “scrutiny” in Arizona resulted in Republicans threatening other Republicans with arrest


In San Luis Obispo County, California, Trumpians strongly question the use of Dominion voting machines based on widespread and unfounded conspiracy theories about Dominion vote machines. This isn’t the only conspiracy theory in the game either: a woman asked if the county’s top election official, a third-generation Chinese American man, was him.In any way regarding the Chinese Communist Party? ”

The hype in San Luis Obispo County is beneficial because there is no reason to believe anything was wrong with the count – a sample recount conducted last fall found only a two-vote difference from the automatic count. Elsewhere, though, Trump supporters have taken advantage of the counting problems that have been discovered and fixed to insist that there are only more problems waiting to be discovered … if only the right conspiracy theorists can be brought in to find them.

In Wyndham, New Hampshire, a counting problem in a multi-track race for a state representative led to an effort by Trump supporters to force the town to hire J. By checking the paper that was printed – to check the sounds. At a meeting where the town’s mukhtars instead chose a qualified election auditor, hundreds of people attended, flooding the meeting with chants of “Stop theft” and stood and turned when the decision was officially made. The chairman of the selection board described their goal: “If an error is found in the machines, you can extrapolate that to all devices in New Hampshire. After that, it could spread nationwide.”

Former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski lives in Windham, and Trump has helped supportThe Great Patriots of Windham “in their attempt to find” the truth about the massive electoral fraud that occurred in New Hampshire and the 2020 presidential election.

There are also efforts to conduct Maricopa County-style audits in two Michigan counties that Trump won with more than 60% of the vote. In Antrim County, an election night bug that was quickly discovered and fixed was presented as a reason for continuing doubts, despite Trump’s victory there. A lawsuit trying to enforce the scrutiny has been dismissed, but efforts continue. And in Sheboygan County, the attorney who tried last fall to nullify state election results, is trying to initiate a Maricopa County-style scrutiny. In both countries, the election officials are Republicans.

“If you listen to these people, you’ll never know the truth,” said Sherrill Gay, clerk for Antrim County’s Republic in Antrim. “It’s so frustrating and stressful, and there were moments of fear.”

“My Canvas Board approved my election in November,” said Karen Brewster from Sheboygan County. “There were no problems whatsoever. I think it was only about the Antrim County allegations. That’s what triggered this.”

But it is precisely these types of local Republican officials that are under attack by their fellow Republicans because they stand by the integrity of their election and reject conspiracy theories. The Republican vote in the House to oust Representative Liz Cheney from the leadership for insisting that the elections were not stolen and that the insurgency was wrong has received a lot of attention, rightly. But the Republican civil war also descends to the local level, which puts Trump loyalists up against Republicans who have any values ​​beyond Trump.

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