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“The female candidates are by nature generous and creative,” he says. Pam from Californiawho currently runs the group. “Most of us remember a quilt given by a dear relative or friend for a special occasion. Baby receiving a blanket, a wedding gift, or a graduation gift. [a] A large organization, such as the Veterans Administration hospitals, receive quilts for their patients. Or a local church or union has a “sewing circle” for good reason. The Asmaa AIDS Memorial Quilt Project is an example of a quilt that can even celebrate the life of a loved one.”

The official logo of the DK Quilt Guild, created by JekyllnHyde

DK Quilt Guild used the “Sewing Circle” model to produce a wonderful quilt that helps fund Okiciyap Food Pantry in 2013. The Guild delivered handcrafted lap quilts and amenities to veterans of the Detroit, Portland, And Palo AltoThey often work in tandem with Netroots Nation. They also made quilts for Sandy Hook massacre brothers the victims. art ah zen She began quilting after her mother’s death, which led her to the DK Quilt Guild. “I love being part of the group,” she says. “I write a lot and take pride in my work.” “I can see other people’s work, and it’s very diverse and well done. I get new ideas from their work and sometimes an outlet for some of my own.

“We have people who have quilts at shows across the country, people who don’t own a sewing machine, they all come to see what we post. Some tell stories about their family members quilting quilts or quilts that they know and love. We all enjoy the feedback. As a family, we talk at a table. dinner or frame quilting.”

While the pandemic has stymied her donations, Art ah zen says she’s making it her job to donate to others. “Almost all of my work is donated to groups I find [that] We need them. The pandemic has brought the chain to a halt and I am waiting to get back to giving up duvets.”

There is something deeply personal about quilts. I should know, after I made a little. It is an association with ancient art and a gift for the future. It ties together not only fabric and not just history, but society.

Baby quilt, traditional wood cabin style.
This is my newest quilt, made for my first grandchild, which is due to debut in about 6 weeks.

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The Intersection: Me, Politics, and the Climate Emergency (and Everything Else) by Belloril (2004-168-36)

Politics is a growth process for billlaurelMD. He began coming of age as a voter for one cause, and as he got older, he realized that all political issues are fundamental and inseparable. All political issues converge in the climate crisis, and they all become more important by pushing fascism to the right. “This is now The Hidden Life Fear of fascists and what they would do if they had the chance. It is now clear that this fear intersects with everyone People who don’t believe that someone’s whiteness gives carte blanche…”

The legend of Cassandra as an allegory of our time by vjr7121 (2017-195-25)

Cassandra was a Trojan princess who predicted the truth but was not believed. Vjr7121 says that the Cassandra legend is “like a warning issued by time as a prescription for our times”, as long-awaited predictions of climate change come true. However, there is hope and actions we can take to move beyond the artificial climate denial in this warning about how science is not dependent on belief or unbelief.

365 Days of Climate Awareness 26: A Brief History of Earth 2: From Paleozoic to Cenozoic by agramante (2009-44-5)

Agramante continues his course in Earth’s history with an overview of the early periods in which our planet supported life, the Paleozoic Era, focusing on the Cambrian period from 541-485 million years ago. Come for the rise and fall of Pangea, stay for the species to breed. The Paleozoic Era extends from 542 to 252 AD [million years ago]and its early part, the Cambrian period from 542 to 485 AD, is known for an astonishing spread of life in many different forms, both terrestrial and marine, known as the Cambrian Explosion. “

Labor Day poem for Henderson apartments by rougy77 (2121-8-1)

The Henderson Flats was a poor community northeast of Denver that was “brutally devoured by the carcinogens known as Commerce City,” the home of an alcoholic poet’s father. “Everyone called it ‘Henderson Flats’ as a kind of homage to John Steinbeck’s wonderful Tortilla Flats, because it was so reminiscent of that novel.” The look was sloppy on the outside, he was warm, huggable, and filled with a variety of personalities. In such places in the 1970s, Labor Day was a combined time for food, alcohol, and a carnival atmosphere. This memory of a hard-edged place with a tender heart is a Labor Day gift from rougy77, and his first salvage.

What is Labor Day? by zachsnar (2005-2366-?)

Xaxnar shines a bright light on the hypocrisy of politicians extolling the virtues of Labor Day while erasing the “work” part of the equation. Focusing on West Virginia’s Battle of Mount Blair 100 years ago, as well as other labor movements and the struggle for union and privilege, the author compares the current right-wing battle to sterilize American history: “It’s all about presenting a propaganda version of American history. It’s the history of the Founding Fathers as like-minded figures. By the gods, the heroes of the industrialists who “prove” that anyone could get rich in America if they worked hard enough — but not the ordinary people trying to make a living who fought and died for a fair share of the pie.

Greg Abbott is a horrible, terrible, no good, and so bad guy, and it’s not just a problem that lasts all day! by SB Ratings (2017-46-?)

Texas Governor Greg Abbott overcomes an accident that paralyzed him from the waist down in this concise, critical biography. “While I usually applaud Abbott for the incredible courage, determination, and perseverance he has shown in dealing with his disability and achieving success, this is marred by the fact that he only cares about himself.” How is that? Well, aside from the brutality of the border wall, the denial of COVID-19, and the assault-filled bingo card, there’s Abbott’s connection to the Americans with Disabilities Act and his own way of repairing the damage. Read especially if you want to raise your heart rate, but watch out for your blood pressure.

Why can’t we enact a law against willful deception that incites violence or leads to death? by Lavosner (2020-31-3)

“Deliberate deception has become the single greatest weapon in the Republicans’ arsenal,” Lavossner declares as she lays out the risks we face in weaponizing disinformation. She wonders, is there a reason why media companies should not be held accountable for the harm that their stars, influencers and commentators do by destroying the body politic?

It was my father’s birthday by Pagan in Arizona (2020-51-4)

A new beginning is interrupted by a tragedy that turns into an embarrassing holiday. Holidays marking disaster anniversaries are in Pagan Arizona’s mind as she remembers her father, born on September 11th. And walk around a bit about how everyone will now remember this date, like Pearl Harbor Day.” September 11 is still her father’s birthday, and reconciling two memories is no easy feat.

rooftop solar energy by Stephen Dreyfuss (2017-163-?)

“Solar on the roof. Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? But in our small subdivision in Del Norte, you can say that each of us should be installing solar power on the roof, in an effort to provide simple and pleasant electricity, without disturbing our budget. It’s not easy. You may ask, why do we put solar panels there if they are so expensive? We do this because this planet is our home… and how can we maintain the balance of nature and prevent devastating climate change? I can tell you how in one word… INSTALLATION! So what goes into installing solar panels? Stephen Dreyfuss can (and does) tell you!

Top comments: clocks, entropy, and time by gizmo59 (2006-503-?)

Gizmo59 reports new discoveries for time. Time is our fourth dimension, and its measurement should be straightforward, right? Entropy is a measure of the “playback” of a system, and the ways in which components can be rearranged without crashing that system. Clocks have been around for centuries, and the concept of entropy is about 200 years old, but until now, no one had thought about the relationship between running clocks and producing the universe before, even knowing the role of entropy as the arrow of time itself.

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