The choice of Democrats in New Mexico is a surprise, but the end result likely won’t be


According to new accounts from the Daily Kos Elections, Biden was backed by the First Circle By a margin of 60-37 in 2020, Which is an improvement from Hillary Clinton’s 52-35 show four years ago. This makes it 1st, and it is Centered around Albuquerque, Much more democratic than the bluesest Republican-controlled district anywhere in the country (21st in California, who backed Biden 54-44). It was also the first time ever that it was 1st It gave a higher share of the vote For the Democratic presidential candidate from the third neighborhood.

Campaign work

Making life even more difficult for the Republican Party, there will be two other candidates leaning to the right on the ballot: Libertarian Chris Manning, Who took 5% In a 2018 bid for District Three, independent Aubrey Dunn, a former Republican who was elected state land commissioner in 2014 but turned libertarians in 2018 while he was still in office. Candidates are required to submit first-quarter fundraising reports to the Federal Election Commission by April 15, so we’ll get a better idea of ​​whether there is any Republican enthusiasm about the potential for disruption.

1Q fundraising

The first quarter of the year’s fundraising, which covers the period January 1 to March 31, has ended, and federal candidates will be required to submit campaign finance reports to the Federal Election Commission by April 15. Transfer processes leak numbers early, which we have gathered below.

Oh Sen: Tim Ryan (D): Raised $ 1.2 million, $ 1 million in cash (no campaign advertised that hasn’t been announced); Josh Mandel (Y): Raised $ 1.3 million

Palestinian Authority O.: John Faitherman (D): Raised $ 3.9 million

WI-Sen: Alex Lasri (D): He raised $ 1.04 million, in addition to $ 50,000 self-financed

CA-Gov: Gavin Newsom (D-inc): $ 3.1 million raised for potential recall (Newsom Fundraising started To the Anti-Confidence Committee two weeks ago)

CO-03: Keri Donovan (D): Raised $ 614,000

IL-16: Adam Kinzinger (R-inc): Raised $ 1.1 million

NJ-03: Andy Kim (D-inc): Raised $ 959,000, $ 1.3M in cash in hand

NY-19: Image by Antonio Delgado (D-inc): Raised $ 1 million, $ 4 million in cash in hand

Tex – 23: Tony Gonzales (R-inc): $ 600,000 raised


Palestinian Authority O.: Democratic Senator Sharif Street, who last month said he formed an exploratory committee to make a possible bid to the Senate in April, I have done just that now. (Candidates often wait until after the end of the quarter to form a campaign committee with the Federal Election Commission, which allows them to avoid having to file a fundraising report for a period that may be short and unrepresentative.) Street previously said he would not do so. Make a final decision until an unspecified time later this year.


CA-Gov: The billionaire investor Tom Steyr, who spent $ 250 million of his own money in an unsuccessful attempt to nominate the Democratic Party for president last year, Running is not ruled out In the California governors’ election likely. In a new interview this week, Steyr told Bloomberg TV: “I have no plans to run for governor,” which, as we always assert, is very different from saying, “I will not run for governor”: The latter shuts the door; The former keeps it open.

Steyr added that he was “against no-confidence,” but that he was an ally of Governor Gavin Newsom Unite to say The best way to combat efforts to impeach the ruler is to ensure that no prominent Democrats are running – and yet, none of them. Despite this, Politico reported last month that Steyr Commissioned to conduct a survey Out of the race, the spokesperson will only tell the publication to check back in “late April”.

FL-GovState Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fred, who has been publicly considering making a bid for Governor since early January, He said on Wednesday It is “about to make a decision” on whether to challenge incumbent Republican Ron DeSantis next year. Fried, the only Democrat to be elected to a statewide position in Florida, made her comments during an interview with MSNBC’s Joy Reid, in which she criticized her potential opponent as “arrogant,” said that he had been “not rational since day one” about the pandemic, and criticized him. Because of his desire to own “ownership of this Trump corridor.”

M.A.: Democrat Jay Gonzalez, who was crushed by Republican Governor Charlie Baker 67-33 in 2018, seems unlikely to try again, He told Callum Borchers of WBURNever say, “Never, but I’m not planning” to search for a rematch. Another Democrat, former Gov. Tim Murray, made a similar remark: “I don’t rule out running again at some point, but I’m not planning anything at the moment.” Murray won two terms as Democratic Vice Governor Deval Patrick and served in second place from 2007 until mid-2013, when he resigned early to become president of the Worcester Chamber of Commerce. Baker has yet to say whether he will seek a third term next year.

NE-GovRepublican Senator Deep Fisher said Thursday after briefly considering trying to secure the position of Governor of the Nebraska Open State. It will not join the race next year. So far, no prominent Republican has announced offers to succeed the limited-term governor Pete Ricketts, although many have contemplated this.

WI-GovRepublican lobbyist Bill McCuchin, who served as a member of ex-Governor Tommy Thompson in the mid-1990s, confirmed to the Wisconsin State Journal this week He is thinking of trying For the governor next year, but added that he “will not make a final decision until June.” Democratic Governor Tony Evers has yet to attract a prominent Republican opponent, although a number of potential rivals weigh the race.

a house

LA-02Orleans County Attorney Jason Williams, who was elected last year on a platform that emphasizes criminal justice reform, Just supported State Senator Troy Carter In the second round of special elections that took place on April 24 for the second Louisiana region. Williams’ move may appear to go against the pattern, as Carter’s opponent, fellow Senator (and Democrat) Karen Carter Peterson, has advocated the more progressive option. However, when Williams faced his run-off in December, Peterson He was a major supporter of his opponentKiva Landrum, who ended up losing 58-42.

Orleans Parish, compatible with the City of New Orleans, It makes up about 40% of the second district He was responsible for 50% of all votes in the first round of voting on March 20, which was led by Carter 36-23.

New York 12: Veteran Democrat Representative Caroline Maloney, who narrowly escaped the tough primaries in 2020, Announced on Wednesday She will run for the 16th term next year. This prompted her main competitor in the last two rounds, businessman Suraj Patil, to say he plans to run for the third time. “I fully expect to be a candidate in this race,” Patel said in a statement.

Patel ran for the first time against Maloney in 2018, losing 60-40 in a two-way competition. Last year, in a multi-directional case, Maloney Patel was stopped by a wide margin of 43-39 in a race that was not decided until many weeks after the primaries thanks to long delays in counting the absentee votes. New York’s 12th congressional district and its predecessors have long been based on the East Side of Manhattan, but the boundaries are set to change due to redistricting.


Special electionsHere is a summary of Tuesday’s special elections in Massachusetts:

MA-HD-19th SuffolkDemocrat Geoffrey Turco received 66% of the vote To hold this seat for his party. Independent candidate Richard Fusilo, a 22-year-old Emerson College student, put in a strong showing, beating Republican Paul Caruccio 16.9-16.6 to finish second.

Toriko, who has it He took positions that made him at odds with many in his party, Would enter the room as one of the more conservative Democrats in it. This hall is now in full force, and the Democrats maintain their supermajority ranging from 129 to 30 years old (with one independent member).

Other races

VA-LG: Just one week after the Virginia application deadline, Paul Goldman, former state Democratic Party president Withdraw From the open seats race to the Deputy Governor. Seven other candidates They are still contesting the primaries on June 8 to succeed Governor Lieutenant Justin Fairfax, who is running for governor.

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