The Chinese People’s Liberation Army is unwilling to “pay the bill” for the Foreign Ministry’s Wolf Warrior diplomacy. How can this happen in conflict? : political geography


According to a “source close to the Chinese Foreign and Defense Ministry”, the PLA and the Chinese Foreign Ministry are divided over the latter’s increasing combative style – the former seemingly unwilling to fight in case the latest Wolf Warrior diplomacy incites physical conflict.

This, to me, is an important indicator of weakness and disorganization, which is remarkable because the Chinese usually place a high value on the perception of unity. When combined with the fact that the Chinese military has virtually no actual combat experience, it indicates a lack of both willingness and ability when it comes to propulsion. The latest Pew survey (June 30) shows that unfavorable views of China among advanced economies are at or near record levels, and any conflict can be interpreted as the result of the State Department’s list of ongoing gaffes that have grown exponentially since it began to engage widely In Wolf Warrior diplomacy at the start of the Wuhan virus pandemic.

Assuming that this split between the Foreign Ministry and the People’s Liberation Army is real: How would it happen in the event of war? Is the PLA preparing the “Get Out of Jail Free” Card? Is this part of a larger strategy to prevent conflicts from materializing, which would be seriously detrimental to China from a geopolitical perspective?

From the SCMP article, “Wolf vs. pandas: Is China at a crossroads on how to spread its global message?“:

A source close to China’s foreign and defense ministries said the difference in methods partly reflects the conflicts between the two ministries.

The State Department is notorious for the Wolf Warrior’s hard-line statements – and has even criticized the People’s Liberation Army. [PLA] The source, who asked not to be identified due to the sensitivity of the matter, said it was “very weak and soft” when dealing with the United States.

The Chinese People’s Liberation Army has expressed concern to Xi about the State Department’s Wolf Warrior diplomacy, saying it will not ‘pay the bill’ for their irresponsible remarks. link if article or quote is pulled: It’s global

Edit: Please note that this is an article by Minnie Chan, who is widely regarded by the PLA-watching community as an unreliable journalist on the matter. Links to related comments, with sources: link 1And link 2

Edit 2: After closely examining the articles and arguments, as well as the motives and attitudes of those trying to question the author’s integrity by compiling a list of small and usually illogical errors, I have decided to reverse my decision and revise my previous edit. It is highly unlikely that Minnie Chan made up an anonymous source to make China look weak and divided while writing in Alibaba SCMP.

Beware of those who seek to control the discourse.

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