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With the pandemic forcing us to spend more time at home than ever before, many people have resorted to the great outdoors to shake things up and get some exercise safely. But what do you do when you grow camping, CyclingAnd backcountry skiing Should groups compete for valuable real estate using big beans, toilet paper, and the rest of your purchases from the stress of quarantine? This is when you need to be smart about stocking your gear.

Not everyone has the space or budget – or the right owner – needed to install a Pinterest-worthy pegboard for expertly organized shelves of cameras and quick pulls. But that’s okay, as you don’t need a spare garage to house all your things. The products below will help you properly store your equipment and make the most of the room you have.

Gear storage drying rack
Exilot drying rack Courtesy Image

Exilot drying rack

The basic rule for storing your equipment? Make sure they are clean and dry as a bone before putting them away. This durable steel shelf is great for spreading sleeping bags and tents to check for lumpy mud and tears. It is also ideal for drying before filling. Once done, the stand folds into a compact package that is less than four by five inches.


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Rubber gear storage packer work
Packer Action Rubbermaid – 24 Gallon Courtesy Image

Rubbermaid Action Packer 24 Gallon

Stackable and clearly marked boxes are an essential element in organizing equipment by sport or season. They can also get you out of the house faster: For a quick weekend trip, just grab the designated boxes (for example, “camp kitchen”) on Friday night and hit the road. Rubbermaid Actionpacker bags are loved by outdoor men for their durability. It’s waterproof and lockable, too.


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Indoor freestanding lawn clapboard storage equipment storage
Grassracks indoor storage rack is free standing Courtesy Image

Grassracks indoor storage rack is free standing

Vertical storage is crucial, especially for small apartments. This handsome freestanding wooden shelf holds anything awkwardly tall – skis and snowboards, picnic poles, surfboards, and paddles – in an upright position to save space. It even has a non-slip padded base to protect your edges.


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ClosetMaid double hang rod gear storage cabinet
Double nickel cabinet rod from The ClosetMaid Courtesy Image

ClosetMaid double nickel locker rod

A cabinet rod with a set of S-hooks is a great way to store frequently used but oddly shaped equipment, such as helmets, backpacks, and water bladder, that you want to ventilate between expeditions. It also works great with outerwear, of course. However, these items rarely occupy the full height of a standard cabinet. This expander doubles the usable hanging space, adjusting both portrait and sideways to maximize the space you work in.


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Gear Storage Sports Notes Velo Column Bike Stand
Velo Sports Feedback Bike Holder Courtesy Image

Feedback Sports bike holder Velo column

In homes with more than one bike, the double-layer rack not only frees valuable square footage but also keeps the tires off the ground, reducing wear. This taut bar can slide into the smallest of free space – even in the middle of a room or garage – and doesn’t require permanent fixation. Bonus: The height of each cradle can be adjusted independently for complete customization.


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