The best cardio focused plank exercises for heart killer


Your core and abdominal muscles are very important to keeping your body healthy – and when activated, these muscles work to support your entire body in terms of posture, strength, flexibility and movement.

for this reason Baseboard (With both arms extended, palms on the floor, to raise your body, with the spine long and straight, the chest up, and the neck relaxed in a straight line with the eyes looking and the head forward), this is a critical step the whole body can work with in one stroke. However, you can take this basic startle in by adding variations that remove the rest and raise your heart rate, while also strengthening the heart.

By adding cardio exercise, you convert this woodwork exercise to the HIIT method, where there is a high-density cardio-component that elevates the metabolism to cause a calorie burn. And don’t forget those endorphins – you can then boost your mood and enjoy the post-burn effect and the calorie-burning benefits too!

Here are the best cardio plank exercises to increase the challenge on your body to blend both muscle specific strength and aerobic exercise into one workout.

Mountain climbers

After entering baseboard pose, you can go for mountain climbers, which is a form of HIIT exercise that combines strength and cardio. These climbers get a fast heart rate, as it is a form of sprinting. This movement targets your core and abdominal muscles, as well as your entire body, including the arms and back.

“This will help target and strengthen the triceps, deltoid, abdominal muscles, back, hip flexion, quadriceps and hamstrings, and are essential for boat pose,” Jennifer Golang, RYT-500, Certified Yoga Instructor and Founder ThePiEproject in ChicagoAnd the Says a non-profit organization in Chicago Live strong, as well as This step demonstrates.

Up and down baseboards

While This movement It really focuses on building strength in the core, as well as the back, forearms, and shoulders, and has a cardio aspect. To increase the cardio even more, go fast! Switching from a forearm plank to a straight arm plate is like lightning speed – time for yourself to get a set number of reps per minute, for example. Speed ​​manipulation can help you burn more calories through cardio.

Wooden cranes

You can go for a basic plank or forearm plank for an even greater challenge, but keep your spine straight as you then begin to “lift” those straight legs, in and out. This swings up in the belly and abdominal area and triggers your metabolism and heart rate to blow up the calories. You can even make a combination – do 10 Wooden cranes Then a pushup, with several reps for each set. You’ll be sweaty at the end!

Clap push-up

This is completely Advanced movementSo don’t pressure yourself if you can’t get over it yet. Do the push-up in the plank position, but when you go up clap your hands together before going back down to do again. it’s hard! But it feels good to have goals, isn’t it? This increases your heart rate with this flutter and can shock your body. Make sure to keep your core muscles tight and breathe!

very Difficult? Do quick push-ups instead! Go as fast as you can and clear a large number of pushes in 30 seconds or one minute. Test yourself – make it a challenge and see how far you can get each week!

Shoulder faucets

This is all about speed, too, so hold yourself up with a straight armboard and go for a brisk run Shoulder faucets. The whole heart is how much effort you put in, but you can really sweat it out here. Make sure to maintain your strength in stance and maintain an upright posture, without swinging your body side to side while tapping each shoulder. You can prevent this by engaging and holding your core muscles.


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