Team Trump quietly launches Twitter-like social media platform, Gettr – Deadline


Donald Trump He’s not known for doing things quietly, but late Wednesday nights are fresh Social media The project is led by one of the former president’s closest advisers.

Former Trump Adviser, Jason Miller, behind the site, which is called Jeter. media mentioned Wednesday night he stepped away from his post to launch Twittersimilar platform. Miller shared the story on his Twitter profile, which still lists him as a Newsmax contributor.

The timing wouldn’t seem coincidental, given the criminal charges chest Thursday against the winning organization and longtime CFO Allen Weissberg. But, given Trump’s ability to provoke outrage and the media storm in his favour, the timing may be just right.

It has been mentioned In the past few months, Trump has been considering launching his own social network. The former president has been searching for a new speaker since Twitter permanently banned him and Facebook suspended his account for two years.

These actions came in response to Trump’s posts before and after the US Capitol blockade. (An ominous series of “blog” posts titled “From Donald Trump’s Office” appeared and went away this spring after gaining little attention.)

hill I mentioned recently That ex-president and speak “Discussions were taking place even before the Capitol riots about the former president joining the platform, with Parler offering Trump 40 percent of the company’s total revenue,” but those discussions collapsed due to Trump’s insistence that the platform ban those who criticize him.

So what about Gettr itself? Before news of the indictments was published, the app had just over 1,000 downloads on the Apple App Store. Out of more than 1,000 reviews, it has received almost unanimous praise with an average of 4.9 out of 5 stars. Many of the “most useful” comments appear to be more political than technical in their praise, with titles such as “Escape from digital tyranny” and “Return to freedom of expression”.

The app itself looks like a fairly simple Twitter clone that allows users to chat with other Gettr-ites, posting short segments of comments along with news stories, photos, and videos. The description of the grammatically tested app on the App Store reads, “GETTR is an unbiased (sic) social network for people all over the world. GETTR has tried its best to provide the best quality (sic) software to users, and to allow anyone to express their opinions freely.” It also promotes a “quick registration process”, which apparently only requires an email address. This is a breach of security protocol on many social media platforms, which requires more verification these days to crack down on bots and trolls.

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