Taking Care Of Your Dog 7 Essential Tips To Apply Every Day


Every day, you take care of yourself: you brush your teeth and your hair, do facials. Dogs also need to be pampered! In addition to massage, there are daily actions to keep your dog in good health. Let’s find out these seven essential tips together!

One more thing: Sometimes dogs do not like some regions of the body to be touched. Get them used to these manipulations as soon as possible. The Pet essentials is for dog owners and lovers. You can visit for your dog’s life.

1. Respect the dog’s physical and mental needs

It is essential. It should be noted that each dog has different needs depending on its breed, build, age.

But all dogs must be able to exercise every day. Take walks and play with your pup, at home or outdoors. If you have kids who get along well with him, they’ll be happy to animate your household together!

So, it is also essential that your dog does not get bored. You must be there for him, just as he is for you. Loneliness is undoubtedly something to teach your dog, yet he will become sad and stressed if he is alone too often.

2. Cleanse the eyes

You can do this at least once a week. If your dog has a flat muzzle and droopy eyelids, like the Boxer or the Pug, eye care is a must every day. Indeed, these dogs are more prone to infections and allergies.

Use a compress and physiological saline to go from the inner corner of the eye to the outside. This allows the dirt to slide well outside the eye.

3. Clean the ears

Taking care of it once a month is sufficient for most dogs. On the other hand, it should be done once a week for those who have floppy ears. This is the case of the Cavalier King Charles, for example.

You will find ear cleaning products at the vet. Drop a few drops into the ear, massaging the outside. Then sponge the excess product with a compress. You can also directly soak the compress with the product to clean the outer ear area.

4. Avoid tartar build-up

Dogs can have dental problems, too, especially tartar! With a canine toothbrush, clean your dog’s mouth from time to time. There is even special toothpaste.

Apart from brushing, there are quality croquettes that keep teeth clean but also chewy treats.

5. Cut the claws

If you notice that your dog has excessively long claws, use a special clipper to shorten them. Warning: do not cut them too short, and be sure to touch only the white or transparent part of the claw. The red or dewy part is painful and may bleed a lot.

This advice is especially valid for indoor dogs, who spend less energy than other dogs. Those who are used to running outside naturally get their claws, thanks to contact with different kinds of soil.

6. Take care of the coat

Daily brushing is recommended whether the hairs are long or short. Regarding short hairs, you can still do it once a week. As for long hairs, which require more maintenance, every other day may be sufficient.

During the molting period, brushing your dog every day helps to get rid of the hair that has become superfluous and keeps your interior clean.

Let’s talk about the subject of the bath: it will depend on a lot of factors. Some dogs need to be washed once a week, others once a month, or even only once or twice a year. It is always best to use a suitable dog shampoo and brush your dog well before washing. In winter, don’t forget to dry it well before leaving it out!

7. Consult your veterinarian

To prevent specific ailments or diseases, a regular check-up by the veterinarian is necessary.

Sterilization is recommended if you do not plan to teach your dog to minimize the risk of mammary tumors.

Don’t forget to protect your dog from parasites: fleas or ticks can transmit diseases, not to mention digestive worms. Your vet will advise you on which repellents to use.

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