Socially and environmentally responsible hotels are committed to giving back


We don’t want to sound prematurely optimistic or anything else, but things are finally starting to look out for the battered and troubled travel industry ( The CDC just announced Fully vaccinated travelers can travel domestically without undergoing testing or self-isolation.) After a year of unbearable stagnation, President Biden’s recent announcement of expanding vaccine launches gave a ray of hope Summer travel season. Suddenly, eager travelers begin to dust their luggage and fantasize for the first time Escape after the pandemic. One of the biggest trends to be expected to emerge is booking meaningful trips in socially and environmentally responsible hotels that give back. Sure, the sustainability movement has been bloated for years. But nowadays, the concept is shifting from “nice to own” to “needing to have it.”

After an outright hellish year, travelers want to make a positive impact on the places they go. They are beginning to pay more attention to detail and actively seek out unique experiences that benefit them – from being socially and environmentally responsible to supporting the noble causes in which they believe.

There are entire platforms dedicated to this concept. Takes Good traveler For example. It’s the world’s first socially conscious “Give + Get” hotel reservation engine that enables travelers to do good. The idea is simple: Users unlock exclusive rates and perks in a network of vetted hotel partners just by donating $ 10 each night to a premium local charity (with 100 percent of the donations to the charity).

Feeling inspired? Here are five local escapes committed to returning the favor. And yes, it totally means you can give yourself a chance to book your next vacation.

5 socially and environmentally responsible hotels are committed to giving

Adult bison standing in flower field
Shawn Fitzgerald

1. Vermejo, Ted Turner Sanctuary

where is she: Raton, New Mexico

Why should you go: Visit to Fermigo, Ted Turner Sanctuary It is a breath of fresh air. Set against the snow-covered alpine tundra in northern New Mexico, the property sits on 558,000 sprawling acres of restored land. Founded by media mogul and philanthropist Ted Turner, the rugged landscape of Vermejo serves as a vital refuge for endangered and endangered wildlife species, including the Rio Grande trout, the Paulson tortoise, and the Mexican wolf. The hospitality brand includes two additional features: Ladder (In Caballo, New Mexico) and Armendaris (In south-central New Mexico). All characteristics work alongside scientists from the Ted Turner Endangered Species Trust to protect and rehabilitate native ecosystems that support surrounding diversity. For example, Vermejo is an important sanctuary for Castle Rock bison’s genetically unique herd, which is critical to driving efforts to recreate the area’s wild bison herds and protect genetic diversity. The property’s forest health restoration and stream restoration programs have also resulted in an abundance of rare wildlife species, which are fully displayed to visitors for appreciation during their stay.

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SCB Colorado Springs Hotel
SCB Colorado Springs Hotel Courtesy of SCP Hotels

2. SCP Colorado Springs

where is she: Colorado Springs, Colorado
Why should you go: SCP– which stands for the Soul Community Planet – considers itself a “holistic hospitality” company founded on three core values: wellness (spirit), kindness (community), and sustainability (planet). SCB Colorado Springs Hotel It offers a modern and thoughtfully designed retreat with loads of eco-friendly touches throughout, such as using solar energy, ditching single-use plastic toiletries, and serving ethically sourced meats and products. But what really makes the brand come to life is its recent launch The program for each residency is good. They partner with a host of causes that tie into their core beliefs, and each reservation directly translates into measurable effects. So every time a guest signs up, the following happens: A youth receives well-being resources to build lifelong mental health skills through We are well-being; One family is caring for a critically ill child whose home is lit for 24 hours until the end Miracles for children; And one tree is planted in an unnatural area through deforestation I planted one tree. “Every time a guest chooses to stay at a SCP hotel, not only do they enjoy the exceptional SCP service, amenities and bohemian atmosphere, but they also choose to join a community driving positive change in the world around us,” says Ken Cross, co-founder and CEO of Soul Community. Planet. Brand portfolio also includes SCB Depot Bay Hotel And SCP Redmond (Both are in Oregon).

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The tide descended
The tide descended Courtesy of The Tides Inn

3. Tides Inn Resort and Marina

where is she: Irvington, Virginia
Why should you go: There are countless reasons why Tides Inn Resort & Marina It is one of the most beloved retreats in the Chesapeake Bay. Tucked away on a private peninsula in the heart of the North Neck area of ​​Virginia, the property attracts all kinds of travelers, from lovebirds looking for a romantic getaway to families looking for adventure and men in need of a golf retreat. The lodge is located on a tributary of the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay and the employees understand their role as those responsible for land and water. In March 2021, they announced Tides Inn Waterfront Restoration Project. The US $ 3.6 million staged, multi-year initiative will encompass 18,000 square feet of new live shoreline, 150 linear feet of oyster reef habitat, 1,300 linear feet of new wharf, and the addition of more than 20,000 plants in the highlands and the beach. They have also appointed a resident ecologist who will help implement interactive ‘in-the-field’ educational programs to elevate the guest experience and inspire people to become environmental stewards in their communities.

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Laylow Collection, Autograph
Laylow Collection, Autograph Courtesy of The Laylow, Autograph Collection

4. Laylow group, Autograph

where is she: Honolulu, Hawaii

Why should you go: The Lilo, One of the properties of the Autograph Collection, one of O’ahu’s most impressive hotels. Located in Waikiki, the hip retreat is inspired by the iconic designs of architect Vladimir Osipov, and features a mid-century modern retro vibe that meets the tropics. In an effort to continue its inspiration for mindful travel, the hotel has entered into a partnership Hawaiian Heritage Reforestation Initiative. Guests can support O’ahu’s reforestation efforts through various methods, such as rolling up their sleeves, joining an expedition on North Shore to Gunstock Ranch, and planting new trees. The partnership is part of the larger Mālama Hawai’i Program, A new cooperation between Hawaii Tourism Authority, Selection of volunteer organizations, and a coalition of tourism partners. The goal of Mālama (which translates to “nurturing”) is to protect and preserve Hawaii for the future while giving travelers more meaningful and enriching travel experiences that will help them form deeper bonds with the destination. There are currently more than 70 hotel partners participating in the statewide program, each offering their own experiences and perks – some even giving guests a free bonus night in exchange for their good deeds. This is what we call winning.

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Harmon Guest House
Harmon Guest House Courtesy of the Harmon Guest House

5. Harmon Guest House

where is she: Healdsburg, California

Why should you go: Over the past 150 years, Healdsburg has evolved from a leading sleeper location into one of the most exciting enclaves in Sonoma County’s wine country. Harmon Guest House It was part of the city’s dramatic transformation, along with its neighborhood Piazza guesthouse Sister properties, Healdsburg Hotel And h2hotel. Opened in 2018, this tranquil property features bright, open spaces intertwining with minimalist Japanese and Scandinavian-inspired aesthetics. The elegant LEED Gold certified hotel features lots of environmentally conscious design details, such as the use of Forest Stewardship Council certified wood, LED lighting and rainwater irrigation systems. But arguably the most amazing program is Hands-on “assembly” Experience, partnered with star chef Duskie Estes and her From farm to store organisation. The hotel (along with the above characteristics) invites guests to spend the morning volunteering at a local farm or community park. They harvest surplus production, which benefits the needy community members and reduces food waste. After that, the “gatherers” can share various perks, such as attending an exclusive cooking class or enjoying a lunch that Estes has prepared herself. Best of all, 75 percent of the program’s revenue directly supports Farm to Pantry and its ongoing mission to save locally grown food and share it with those in need.

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