Snooki Sounds Off on Angelina Pivarnick & Chris Larangeira: They are so spoiled!


After the news that Angelina Pivarnick had forgiven the bridesmaids who turned her wedding into a Ferrars Club roast, there were concerns among fans that the new season of Jersey Shore might lack drama.

Fortunately, the Angeliners came into the handbag with another story of frenzy that refreshes the show and makes daily headlines!

As you’ve probably heard by now, it’s as if Angelina and Chris Larangera heading for divorce.

In fact, many fans think the couple is too Previously They live separate lives, and they keep the split a secret for the purpose of bringing some suspense to the season.

Jersey Shore spoilers are hard to get.

That’s partly because the actors filmed the last two seasons in quarantine settings, and partly because it’s an unscripted sitcom that’s been on the air since 2009. Who’s going to go look for spoilers?

But in this case, even the cast seems to be confused as to what’s going on between Angelina and Kris.

Snooki met with In Touch this week to discuss the state of Larangeira’s relationship, as well as what the future might hold for the troubled couple.

Unfortunately, she didn’t have much new information to offer, as it seems like Kris and Angelina’s marital status changes on a daily basis.

“It’s always a roller coaster with them and you’ll see them on the show,” Snox joked.

“Like, are they together? Aren’t they together? I feel like this is just an everyday thing with them,” she added, echoing the questions that have been bothering fans for months now.

“I feel like they should do what makes them happy. And so far, I feel like they are not happy.”

So we think Snooki is officially calling for the Larangeiras to go their separate ways.

It probably won’t help her friendship with Pivarnik, which is already on shaky ground.

Pivarnik spoke to the same tabloid last month, and was equally ambiguous when asked if she and Kris were still together.

“There are a lot of things [gone] Angelina explained at the time.

“Right now, we’re just living life. That’s all I can say right now…a lot.”

“One thing I’ve learned since marriage is that communication is an important thing in a relationship. If you don’t have it, sometimes the fan won’t hit.”

Like we said, Angeliners don’t really give up much.

One of the things that led fans to believe that the couple broke up is the fact that Angelina deleted all of Kris’ pictures From her Instagram page.

But a source close to the situation says Pivarnik insists she did not remove the photos herself.

“You didn’t delete it on purpose,” said the In Touch insider.

This person continued, “Angelina’s Instagram account may have been hacked, but she’s not sure exactly how it happened.”

“There is nothing to announce now [in regard to their relationship]. It’s all just speculation.”

As for what the future holds for these newlyweds, the source confirmed that the Larangeiras family is keeping their lives private.

“Angelina and Chris are staying alone,” the insider said.

“They tell friends that everything is fine” and “not to worry,” the source explained.

“If anything happens or if the rumors about their split are true, it will be revealed on Jersey Shore.”

We might say you’ll have to watch the rest of this season of Shore to see what happens, but Kris and Angelina have probably broken up and gotten back together 25 times since filming ended.

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