Senate GOP Desperately Trying to Sell Base on Politics After 4 Years of Trump’s High Sugar Consistent Diet


but according to to me Washington Post, within minutes of his 8-minute appearance, the Newsmax hosts drove Kramer to even more burning spots—Whether Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin is incorporating critical race theory into military training.

Kramer admitted to Mail That Republicans failed to engage their constituents in political debates that once resonated and even inflicted their base, such as the charge of unbridled impotence that became a flashpoint for the Tea Party movement. But he also insisted that the discussion about inflation could erupt if Americans continue to be affected by things like rising gas prices at the pumps.

“If there’s anything to worry about, it’s this feeling that something has to happen right away for it to be effective,” Kramer said. “I reject that.”

But the Republican problem is twofold. First, for four years, Trump has charmed GOP voters with a steady diet of sugary sodas and pop rocks. But now that Republicans in Congress have pretended to care about substantive politics again, their voters are too addicted to high levels of sugar to care about red meat in the past decade.

Second, nearly all of Biden’s agendas are more popular than the Republicans or the politics they are trying to promote. For example, after a month Biden signed the US bailout into law, a Washington Post-ABC Poll It found that 65% of Americans still support the $1.9 trillion relief package, while only 31% oppose it.

Biden’s American jobs plan has not usually had the support of a relief plan on the ballot, but in poll after poll people still prefer it far more than they oppose it, and the more voters who hear about it the more they like it. that April Navigator Research Poll Of the Jobs plan, for example, it found 53% primary support for the proposed $2.3 trillion jobs and infrastructure, but only 23% against it. After the plan was described in more detail to respondents, support jumped to 70%.

As for the Republicans, they are a Unpopular party Pay Very unpopular policies to defend them Tax breaks for the wealthy 2017 that are not very popular.

Senate Republicans also seem to have deviated from practice a bit after securing a majority since 2014. Even they Finally came to realization That their efforts to combat Biden’s coronavirus relief plan were 100% a failure.

And now it occurs to them that focusing their message 100% on Dr. Seuss and the great potato-head debate without including any cross appeal whatsoever to independent voters isn’t exactly a winning strategy in the midterm elections, particularly in the Senate.

So far, Senator John Barrasso of Wyoming, No. 3 in the Senate Republican Party, will continue to host press conferences with the caucus every Wednesday and Thursday in an effort to channel messages that sometimes veer into the realm of politics.

McConnell will continue to appear on Fox News to criticize Biden.”Radical left proposalsOnly to end up talking about the latest tweets by Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York.

And all Republicans will be pleading with the heavens to give them some political gifts like persistent high inflation that may allow them to wean their voters away from Trump’s constant fast-food diet.

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