Searching for a sister-in-law and college abuse husband, she slams TLC: You let it happen!


In a recent podcast interview, Ariadne Joseph plunged deeply for the first time into her relationships with Dimitri and Ashley Snowden, the two main stars of Searching for TLC’s sister-in-law.

And the picture that Joseph drew makes us think of two things:

One: Dmitry should be in prison.

Two: TLC should simply be canceled as a network.

We’ll start with the troubling allegations of abuse.

Speaking to blogger John Yates on YouTube, Joseph explained the unusual nature of her romantic relationship with Dimitri and Ashley.

The first time they got to their home, Ari said she was greeted at the door by Ashley naked, and soon she learned that she and Dimitri were not dressed while inside.

Joseph had to ask Snowden to at least wear boxers around her four-year-old daughter.

She went on to claim that she had to sleep in the same bed with Dimitri and Ashley … she was not allowed to leave the house alone … and she loaned the couple a large sum of money.

As for the more specific and more specific incidents of assault?

Joseph says Dmitry strangled her at some point And they pushed her down on a table full of guns.

On another occasion, Ari relayed an incident in which Snowden was awakened and raped.

“There was no way for me to be free of my neck because he was carrying the back of my neck,” said Lates, explaining the following:

When you are in a situation where you are married, or with someone, and both of you have consensual sex, it is difficult to come to terms in your mind that this person has violated you, and took something from you without permission.

So I knew it was a mistake, but I didn’t even know how to go and report that as, you know, the “r” word.

“They abused me and shocked me and my kids,” Joseph told Yates, adding about Ashley and the couple in general:

“She’s offensive too. She’s manipulative. And like I said, they are never as happy as they are when they terrify someone.”

“They are challenging you.”

Joseph came out and said all this just days after Dmitry’s wife, Kristlin Petersen, made similar claims.

When the judge asked about a restraining order, Peterson detailed each method Snowden abused and assaulted herMost notably, what was recorded about how Dmitry behaved in bed.

“He smothered me during sex, although I told him not to do so,” she said, adding:

“The more I struggle, the more enjoy it.”

Snowden has since filed for divorce from Peterson.

According to Joseph, she conveyed her concerns and accusations to TLC executives after Sister Wife wrapped her first season.

Presumably, the network responded by ignoring everything Ari said and simply restarted filming the show, chronicling Dimitri and Ashley’s journey to find another partner.

Joseph told Yates of Peterson and other women that Dimitri is treated this way: “Those ** holes … Chrissy and her kids didn’t have to go through that, they didn’t have to experience it.”

“If only TLC had kept these people off the air and allowed them to be exposed the way they should have been, because when I went out and released all this information – and I had text messages and pictures – they cleaned the internet with it.”

Joseph continued, shattering heck out of the cable network:

“Some groups, the TLC groups, took all the information. So, they did nothing.

“They let this piece be in this damn show, and continue to abuse, abuse, and traumatize women.”

Most recently, TLC has also come under fire for a very lame statement it released in its wake Capture Josh Duggar On charges of child pornography.

The network has not yet canceled its “count on”, as it continues to fund what amounts to a religious sect.

Joseph Leites added, “There are a lot of these positions, and I think they will become public.”

“The world will discover the truth. All the truth – all of it. The time has come. The time has come. Someone has to stop this.”

Ari concluded on this topic:

I was begging TLC, I just hope they stop, they’ll at least get them out of the air so they don’t get the audience’s attention.

Because then other women will see this and fall in love with this picture they make online or on TV and want to be part of this family …

They don’t even know that they are putting themselves in the situation of being abused.

They will fall victim. Their children will be traumatized.

Poor Chrissy girls got traumatized in that house. Her kids don’t deserve it.

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