Sad! Donald Trump is desperate to regain the importance of the internet, but so far, it is not working


How insignificant is it to be on the Internet that a potential dictator was twice ousted? Let’s check Stickers analyzing.

Online talk of him has dropped to its lowest level in five years. It has been blocked or ignored on all major social media websites. last week , Trump website – including New blogAnd the fundraising page and online storefront – attracting fewer visitors from the pet adoption service Bitfinder And the recipe site Delish.


Social engagement around Trump – a measure of likes, reactions, comments, or shares on related content via Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and Pinterest – has dropped 95 percent since January, to its lowest level since 2016.

Almost like trying to destroy democracy has consequences. Sure, Trump still has a binding-like grip on the Republican Party that he still considers theirs. Since losing the popular vote en route to becoming president in 2016, the Republican Party has not hesitated to fall in love with them.

But the rest of us? We are enjoying the stability and calm of the Biden Harris presidency so far, getting our vaccines, and trying to recover from the trauma of this epidemic and the previous administration. And we deserve, after four years of not being able to walk away from the wreck of a presidential train, to bear the constant fear of American traditions and laws that Trump will violate and address Mitch McConnell afterwards.

Trump is definitely ruining the Republican Party, and the impact of his four years in office is likely to be felt for generations, unless we do something about the Supreme Court and the annoying 2017 tax fraud, among other pressing issues. But it is a relief to know It cannot destroy the United States now.

In fact, Trump can’t even spread right now, like the post Notes.

“He’s whistling in the wind,” said Megan Square, a professor of computer science at Elon University who studies right-wing online organizing and reviews data about Trump’s audience. “People don’t follow him to his small office platform, and we can see that in the numbers. The difference is ridiculous. He doesn’t have the same ability anymore to constantly put his content in people’s faces the way he did before.”

He’s desperate to regain the spotlight, of course; After all, he’s been stalking her for most of his adult life. Advisors say the post The Gold Ranger is eager to start another rally this summer, and he might even consider transferring his talents to smaller platforms that basically function as right-wing echo chambers – ”If he gets enough money from the platform and can control the terms. “

There is a part of me, like The Atlantic David Graham noted in April, I feel like I’m dealing with the glorified Trump’s uselessness just by writing about how much the country enjoys him.

Once again, Trump still has it The Republican Party is under his thumb. I am not pretending otherwise, even as I celebrate his growth Insignificance.

And he’s so overwhelmed the right with the big lie of a stolen election that the Conservatives want to turn that illusion into reality, as this wonderful thread (click to read everything) so brilliantly explains.


But in the end, a The Atlantic There is one insurmountable obstacle, Graham notes, that Trump cannot scream his way, though he’s damned if he doesn’t try.

The primary problem for Trump is that despite his best and most outrageous efforts, he is no longer president. It doesn’t matter much now.

We’ll see what happens when he resumes his tour of the fold of white supremacy in the coming months, and when the battles of 2022 and 2024 begin. But for now, it is so good that I start my weekend every Saturday afternoon without fear of what he will do in those precious sixty hours or So break up news every week.

When I come back again every Tuesday morning, it’s so comforting to see only the headlines about Trump’s big and well-deserved legal woes – like This suit is well deserved Recently introduced Chinese American Civil Rights Alliance, or the New York investigation into the Trump Organization Entering the criminal fieldOr stories that focus on the current administration’s battle to get rid of its terrorist rule through Eliminates And the Relapses And the Cancellation And just an old progressive policy is better.

It’s a relief we got, as applicants, as Americans as voters, when we gathered to drop him in 2020.

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