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The coup staged by the Rockefellers in the United States and their Slave Council for Foreign Relations collapses as the world shuns this hideous criminal family. After Donald Trump is out, there is a growing consensus among the ruling elite that the fake presidency of Joe Biden is turning into a disastrous movie. This is why a third alternative is being worked on at the highest levels of global power, say many of the clandestine community sources.

As it stands, the Dragon Family, P3 Masons, the Knights of Malta, the British Commonwealth, Lotus Masons, Russians, and other groups have agreed that a future planning organization with qualified personnel, funded by trillions of dollars, is needed. For the planet. The Thule community has also been contacted to see if they are willing to come out of hiding and make anti-gravity and other technologies available to humanity as a whole.

In the words of MI6, “the back-channel discussions are the most important diplomatic debate in the world at the moment if not in history if we achieve what we envision.” Since these discussions – for security reasons – are taking place via analog means, it will take at least three weeks to get any results visible to the public, sources say.

Meanwhile, the psychological processes of Biden’s false presidency continue to deteriorate. We can now confirm that none of the US military commanders met the so-called US Secretary of Defense Lyud Austin when he visited Japan in mid-March. We can also confirm that the South Korean government avoided both Austin and the fake Foreign Minister Anthony Blinken when they visited that country after Japan.

The so-called President Biden also held what was described as his first press conference last week. However, this did not happen at the White House and there were no foreign journalists. The vast majority of White House correspondents from the Trump administration were not there. In other words, it was an incident entirely orchestrated using slave propagandists posing softball questions to a psychologically challenged Biden who could barely read his prompts.

While this pathetic charade tarnishes the United States even further, the economic war rages with attacks by and against the Rockefeller mafia and their agents. The most visible sign of this, of course, is the Evergreen company ship that closed the Suez Canal after sailing in the “up yours” banner.

Evergreen is a secret service symbol for Hillary Rockefeller Clinton, which means that this clog was a clear message to the Rockefeller family.

The corporate media avoided using the company name “Evergreen” and instead referred to the ship’s name “Ever Given” as a distraction.

As has been widely reported elsewhere, a major Chinese highway has also been blocked by a truck bearing the Evergreen logo.

The message is clear. The Chinese Communist Party’s deal with the Rockefellers to finance the fake Biden presidency must be ended, otherwise Chinese trade routes will be closed.

Sources in the Asian Secret Society said that the Chinese considered the closure of the Suez Canal an act of war and responded by shooting down two American satellites. Sources say the short videos below show her destruction.

The blockage of the Suez Canal and the downing of satellites were only the most visible recent signs of the ongoing global hybrid warfare.For example, the automobile industry, a remaining stronghold of Rockefeller industrial power, is slowly being suffocated by a shortage of semiconductors.

NXP Semiconductors and Infineon Technologies, the world’s # 1 and 3 players in car chips, stopped production in February due to abnormal storms in Texas. Now, Japanese chip maker Renesas Electronics, the second player in the auto chip industry, says its plant was destroyed by last week’s fire. So the world’s auto industry stops.

We are also witnessing attacks on oil and gas refineries around the world. Once again, these are major strongholds of Rockefeller power. In particular, the devastating attacks on Rockefeller oil facilities in Saudi Arabia have now followed attacks on facilities in places ranging from Mozambique to Indonesia.

There is also a new wave of assassinations and executions going on. Tom Henegan, who posted a photo of Nazi CIA agent Mike Cottrell, briefly reported last week that Cottrell had been killed. This report has since been completely removed from the internet.

He also reported that Cottrell’s lawyer the Hodges was cooperating with White Hats by “handing over internal communications between Cottrell and Dana Wilcox of the Delmara Timber Trust, then US Treasury Secretary Henry“ Hank ”Paulson and the young German Nazi rapist George W. BushFRAUDScherff. Now also from the internet.

Last weekend we also learned of the death of the great enlightened Gnostic master …

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