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Unlike the Right, which likes to denounce what they call “cancellation culture” while excluding everyone who disagrees with them, I have no problem with people expressing their point of view – no matter how silly they may be. If people want to learn more about conservatism, or push this nonsense to their children in the privacy of their own home, they have that right, and there are a lot of things that serve that purpose.

Take TikTok’s Republican Noise House, which has more than a million followers. The account’s content stream consists mostly of reposts of a handful of young Republicans uttering right-wing ideology mixed with Trump culture and pop music. You can learn a lot of important things, like how masks are a liberal conspiracy, and that you should tell the Democrats Vote the day after the election.

Donald builds the wall
This already exists

For a younger audience, Eric Mataxas, a right-wing talk show host, has written several children’s books with titles such as Donald builds the wall And the Donald and Fake News. Nothing says “hate your neighbor” like a lousy cartoon. If the book has too many big words for kids (or their parents) to hear, no problem: Author I will read to you.

The point is that a quick Google search offers all kinds of products and content to indoctrinate children on right-wing beliefs. (Just please keep them away from Snortlings Hollow Adventures.)

However, imposing this rubbish on children in schools is not acceptable. Conservatives accuse the left of indoctrination all the time, if only because it is no longer acceptable to teach the cause of the Lost South and (totally) whitewash important elements of American history, such as slavery. But in reality, conservatives are the ones who spend big money to pay advertising as a curriculum.

Perhaps no one has been as effective or harmful as Dennis Prager. Prager is a Trump radio talk show host and extremist who, despite being in his third marriage, considers himself the arbiter of American values. He created a media company, ironically, called PragerU, (short for Prager University), which puts out hundreds of five-minute videos that distort history and reality. PragerU is featured prominently on YouTube, although he was recently permanently banned from TikTok for “multiple violations” of their community guidelines.

It was PragerU financed Two of the richest people in America, brothers Dan and Knight Wilkes, who made their fortune in fracking. Coincidentally, Prager pushes videos attacking renewable energies while pushing dirty fuel, with videos titled Why you should love fossil fuels And the Fossil fuels: the greenest energy.

All of PragerU’s videos are designed to look like they came from an educational institution, with simple, clever graphics – even while presenting right-wing beliefs as fact. For example, they “know” in the videos that there is no police brutality against black men, climate change is not real, and any racism you see today is wrong Democrats. Unfortunately, these videos have millions of views, in part through a strong marketing strategy, including hundreds of people contacted. PragerForce, who stick to PragerU’s widely shared videos immediately upon release.

PragerU also has a knack for selecting the worst possible people to tackle topics. For example, James O’Keeffe of Project Veritas – a convicted criminal with a history of fraud videos – “lectures” on journalism. and James Damore – who was fired from Google after confirming the existence of a woman biologically inferior For men, an explanation for their significantly lower representation both in the company and in technology – driving the debate on Big Tech.

It was all just plain stupid when Prager launched the channel in 2012, but by 2014, he had launchedPartnership Programs“To put his crap into schools.

Developing our relationships with teachers (in college, high school, middle school, and home school) is a major priority for Prager University. The strategy is to get our message across to America’s students by providing ammunition for the teachers who stand by us.

PASADENA, CA - JULY 30: Dennis Prager at the Politicon at the Pasadena Convention Center on July 30, 2017 in Pasadena, California.  (Photo by John Sciulli/Getty Images for Politicon)
Dennis Prager

Biased teachers were set up in high schools and middle schools Prager’s credit propaganda in the required history, economics, and government chapters, While parents terrified complained That their kids were getting school credits for watching videos like “The Left Ruins Everything.”

However, Prager went further than just providing videos, and created a project called Preparation, which provides “study guides” to go along with their videos. This so-called evidence presents true-false questions like “Big Tech with its control over its search algorithms, shadow blocking, and deboosting supports political correctness and the resulting limitations of freedom.”

Because middle and high school students have some ability to recognize (and resist) indoctrination, Prager is getting younger. In April, he Launched an attempt to go after kindergarten.

The material is meant to be shown at school or at home, and while the videos are not overtly political like PragerU’s typical five-minute videos for adults, they are still filled with right-wing propaganda.

From Kindergarten to Grade 2, one of the new educational slides is Story Time which “cCelebrates the American values ​​of freedom, individualism, hard work, equality under God, and moreStarring PREP Outreach Chief Gil Simonyan, and an mascot named Otto, modeled after the organization’s founder Bulldog, Dennis Prager.

The first videos feature children’s books by conservative authors. the first one is Paloma wants to be Lady Liberty, by Rachel Campos Duffy — The reality TV star turned Wisconsin congresswoman becomes a Fox News contributor. The book shows an immigrant girl gushing from admiring the Capitol. This is somewhat ironic because Campos Duffy has been a fierce advocate of Trump’s policies to separate children from Central American refugees, saying that the detention centers they were placed in It was better than the projects that black people grew up in.

Campos Duffy also helped promote the big lie about election fraud that caused rioters to vandalize the Capitol that little Paloma loves so much.

Young people can also learn about how cool and popular Ronald Reagan is. Gee, did you know he was the student body president and a great swimmer?

No, boy…but I know he destroyed the middle class with choppy economies while ignoring the AIDS crisis.

I pity the kid who was forced to sit through it. The poor writing is only matched by enormous historical inaccuracies. There are also facilities PREP . magazineAnd the Where readers can learn all about conservative heroes – like navigator Ayn Rand. Children who read this magazine were told that Rand is an A The beloved writer who inspired movements like The Tea Party. at In fact, she was a terrible human who held fascist beliefs in genetic superiority, and openly looked up to children with special needs. Such as “Abnormal” and not worth the additional resources.

Republican lawmakers are fine with this kind of indoctrination, making their criticisms of it cash race theory It’s hard to justify. Republican lawmakers in GOP-led states, such as Tennessee and Idaho, have banned programs that challenge the same belief systems this year. that allows systemic racism to flourish, while allowing Prager’s brand of hateful ideology in the classroom. Recently, a school district in South Lake, Texas, With a history of ethnic problems I was I stopped From Implementing Cultural Diversity Training – After PAC was formed to stack the school board with Trumpists. PAC was backed by people like former NRA TV outcry Dana Loesch, who promoted it on the Tucker Carlson Show. PragerU “helpfully” put together a video during this time titled “What is the critical race theory?“That was – shockingly – biased against her.

However, if a teacher in this school district wanted to assign a Dennis Prager subject, no problem. And Prager knows a thing or two about race: he publicly laments That he can’t use the N word, he thinks that blacks have too many names that don’t allow them to name themselves. Unfortunately, since there is no federal policy to prevent political bias in the classroom, educational legislation is up to the states. Furthermore, although PragerU is unapologetically right-wing, it was founded as a non-profit, non-political organization. This allows them to claim that they are an educational entity rather than a political group, making it more difficult to expel them from schools.

PragerU YouTube video
Characters like this help with ideological decline

It is essential to put qualified and politically unbiased people on school boards to guard against political propaganda creeping into our schools – but especially when it comes to kindergartens. These right-wing propaganda groups must be recalled and eradicated from our schools. Conservatives may criticize brainwashing, but they openly promote it when it comes to their failed ideology.

Pay close attention to what your children are learning in school. Wealthy conservatives do a lot of disgusting things to stay in power, but going after very young children is one of the most disgusting and cunning ploys to date.

It is not easy to train people to vote against their own interests, but brainwashing children early is another tactic to ensure the future survival of the far right.

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