Republicans shamelessly lie to hide the effects of the January 6 rebellion because it actually works


In fact, the two lies contradict each other in terms of narration: if the elections were stolen, why would Antifa want to invade the Capitol? But logical consistency is meaningless in their being the surrogate. What matters most is muddying the waters so that they can evade the consequences of their innate violence, primarily by resorting to the obnoxious rhetorical manipulation of claiming that the critics are “Waving a blood shirt.”

New York times check up This week, the “Antifa” lie was born, and then it spread. It began, as the story documented, even during the conquest of the Capitol, thanks mainly to a fictitious story in The Washington Times Corrected about 24 hours later – more than enough time for the lie to ride on her horse and sprint around the world a few times. The usual suspects for right-wing misinformation – the Pundit Rush Gate radio program Limbaugh and Laura Ingraham – all had aides among Republican elected officials, notably Congressmen Matt Gates of Florida and Mo Brooks of Alabama, as well as Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson.

The dynamic piece meticulously embodies: All the lies were finally debunked, and many of its predecessors ended up backing down and correcting, but by that time the lies had already spread widely and eagerly adopted as accurate by people who had not seen the faint corrections followed. Moreover, on social media, the original erotic lies attract huge audiences and are widely shared while the meat and potato patches mostly get only a fraction of their audience.

While some retracted these allegations, others multiplied –Especially Johnson, Who again confirmed that Antifa was responsible for the violence during a Senate hearing last week. Johnson, reading from an account by J. Michael Waller, V. Federal, He claimed that the “vast majority” of the demonstrators had “serious, cheerful, friendly” behavior. He blamed the deadly violence on “gunmen in civilian clothes, agitated agents, mock Trump demonstrators and a column of attackers in uniform.”

“Antiva I did it” theorists, including Congressman Louis Gomert from Texas, They turned to private claim That an African American man linked him to the Black Lives Matter (BLM), John H. Sullivan of Utah, played a major role in the insurgency.

There is only one problem with this story: It has been debunked once more. Sullivan, like Washington Post I mentioned in detail, Is a man who initially attempted to stage BLM protests in Utah outside of the current African American protest community. In a short time, a person was shot during one of his events and then the Proud Boys began to appear in support of his protests. Among BLM activists, he was widely seen as a fraudulent “double agent”. His last organized protest in the summer was a pro-gun rights march that brought together large numbers of far-right militiamen, including department guards.

The Times The story as an analyst JJ McNabb notes brilliantly, Also ignores a central aspect of the narrative: The far right had already begun to build it up on social media before the January 6 rebellion. First, conspiracy theorists have begun spreading rumors that Antifa will disguise herself as a Trump supporter on the January 6 rally, but that she can be identified by the underdeveloped MAGA hats they were intended to wear. Then, the “Broad Boys” began talking to each other about arriving in disguise at the January 6 event, dressed in “black block” clothes like Antiva.

The last idea had real logistical flaws because other proud boys might mistake masked participants as real and attack them. The strategy that the Braud Boys ultimately settled on on January 6 was to avoid their usual black polo shirts and red MAGA hats for regular streetwear, and instead adopt the orange arm badges as their collective identifier.

many of These same proud boys They are now under arrest and awaiting trial for their role in the disobedience. Indeed, as indictments mount and the evidence provided by investigators is presented, It became very clear That the January 6 rally was a mixture of far-right extremists who planned to invade the Capitol and possibly take hostages, and a frantic crowd of older Trump supporters who believed they were participating in a national “revolution” that day. Most of them are, in fact, They insulted the attempt To give Antiva credit for what they think is a good job.

Conservatives – and their supposed ideology of “personal responsibility” – actually have a long and vibrant history Highlighting the media and the public With stories turned reality upside down, the bullies into victims, and the victims into bullies. It’s the way they can look at the audience in W.’s eyes Tell them without blinking The protests that last summer related to black lives were far worse than the Capitol blockade. As Laura saysRepublican lies are easily refuted: The reason they need so much of it is just to keep the public discourse awash in it.

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