Republicans are telling their constituents that they will have to pay for better ways, so that the companies can profit


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In the meantime, Companies in rural America They desperately need their regions to join the twenty-first century and allow them to thrive. Says Patrick Wheeler, who manufactures asphalt paving equipment in Marion County, Iowa New York times He cannot find qualified local workers because everyone is leaving because they cannot even access the internet. “How do you make young people want to return to these rural areas when they feel as though they are returning to a time frame that was 20 years ago?” Weiler asked. He’s excited about the prospect of Biden’s US Jobs Act – not for the paving work it might bring to him, but that his corner in Iowa may finally get broadband.

Wheeler’s daughter, Megan Green, returns to Iowa to join the family business after college, and bemoans the outdated technology she’s still stuck with. “Our cellular service is more spotty, our wireless networks are volatile, and we definitely have only one option” to access the Internet, she said. “We rely on internet access” for the company, which has a high-speed fiber optic connection they paid for, and operates from a nearby highway. But the epidemic posed a serious problem for the company. “I was shocked to find out how many of our employees were unable to work from home because they did not have a reliable internet connection,” Green said. “We’re talking about seven minutes to download an email” type Internet access. “Imagine what it was like for their kids trying to attend school online.

This is what many Red Americans deal with, not that their Republican leadership considers it a problem. Don’t compare it to the problem of raising taxes for the super-rich. Still stuck in gas taxes and user fees to fund broadband expansion and repair of roads and bridges, the only perks they make over what should count as infrastructure. They are intent on helping the fossil fuel industry by keeping its taxes low and making sure that the country’s infrastructure remains dependent on it. It does not matter that this policy harms the people they represent.

Raising the gas tax “means that my low-income, blue-collar families again in Wisconsin are paying through the nose,” Rep. Ron Kind, the ranking Democratic member of the House Ways and Means Committee, Tell Roll Call. “This will not happen here.” Meaning in the Roads and Means Committee that has to approve any new taxes. Gender is a moderate Democrat who has absolutely no problem raising taxes on the rich, which he says is an easier sale to voters than a gas tax or user fee. “If the comments back home refer to anything, they certainly are,” he said.

He is, of course, right. Polling Show that Time and time again – people are totally fine with taxing the rich. They are excited about it. They will be happy to know that they have high speed internet, new water pipes, and maybe even better access to public transportation because the wealthy companies eventually had to pay their taxes.

But the Republicans are unlikely to budge. They will meet again on Tuesday, not with Biden but with administration officials including Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg and Commerce Secretary Gina Raymondo, to show the work they have done so far.

Biden says he wants the bipartisan path forward to become clear by Memorial Day. Whether this brings the legislation closer to being passed with Republican support is not yet clear, but it is still an external bet. More and more, Biden’s efforts to persuade Republicans with a plan geared toward proving the Democrats who insist on doing so in a partisan fashion – like Joe Manschin and Kirsten Cinema, among others – are a foolish game.

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