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That was the call for the Republicans to cooperate echo Posted by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Sunday’s “Facing the Nation” program. “The door is open,” she said. “Our hands are outstretched. To discover where we can find common ground. We always have a responsibility to strive for a bipartisan partnership.”

They definitely get a wish list of Republican projects. “My phone is exploding,” Transport Minister Pete Buttigieg Tell New York timesPointing out that almost every legislator “could refer to a road, bridge, or airport” back home, collapses. “There is a lot of interest from Congress,” he said. Includes prof A major bridge in Kentucky Which McConnell wants to replace, although McConnell still promises to “fight” the Biden proposals “every step of the way.” Since this bridge connects Kentucky and Ohio, he may count on Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown to look after him as he continues the fight.

Buttigieg’s division sent an email to members of the House and Senate last week detailing how the transportation portion of the proposal – $ 621 billion – was organized for their projects, including $ 174 billion for electric cars. $ 115 billion to repair and build roads and bridges; $ 85 billion for public transportation. $ 25 billion for airports. And $ 17 billion for ports and waterways.

Biden and his team continue to push the winning idea of ​​the bailout package until “bipartisan” does not necessarily mean beating Republicans in the Senate. “If you search for the word” bipartisan “in the dictionary, I think it will say support from Republicans and Democrats,” He said Anita Dunn, Biden’s chief advisor. “He’s not saying that Republicans have to be in Congress.” This reinforces what Biden himself said in Pittsburgh a few weeks ago when he unveiled the new infrastructure package. “Everyone said I do not have bipartisan support,” regarding the Coronavirus Relief Package. “The overwhelming bipartisan support was registered Republican voters.”

Management can refer to Lots of universal suffrage To prove this true in his infrastructure proposals as well – including the $ 400 billion he wants to spend on what Republicans insist is not “real” infrastructure. Investing in caregiving for the elderly and the disabled earns high marks from Republican as well as Democratic and Independent voters.

“Biden’s bipartisan definition is an agenda that unites the country and appeals across the political spectrum,” Mike Donilon, one of Biden’s senior advisors, Tell The Washington Post. “I think it’s a good definition to say you pursue an agenda that will unite the country, that will bring Democrats and Republicans together across the country. Supposedly, if you have an agenda that is widely popular among Democrats and Republicans across the country, then you should have representatives.” Our teams reflect that. “

He told Senator Susan Collins, McConnell’s most helpful person to whine about just how mean the Democrats are. “The question before us is: Is this communication the start of real negotiations, or is the administration so committed to the details of its plan, including the expensive top line, that these are just courtesy briefs?” She said in a statement to Mail. “I have no reason to believe that his entire philosophy has changed, but I think there is a lot of pressure on him from his staff and outside of the extreme left groups.” Collins’ earlier efforts at “bipartisan partnership” were progress Trojans Their scant COVID-19 relief plan was a third of what Biden was asking for, with no money for state or local governments.

It hasn’t worked with Biden for COVID-19 relief, and it won’t work this time either. Biden said last week, “The debate is welcome, the settlement is inevitable, and the changes are certain.” “I would like the support of the Republicans – the Republican electorate -. But what I have now is that I have electoral support from the Republican voters. And the Republican voters approve what I do.”

Infrastructure isn’t the only issue in which Biden has broad bipartisan support, nor is it the only issue that has been bogged down by the Democratic and Republican Senate 50-50 working with obstruction. Gun safety, voting rights, hate crimes, immigration – all of the pressing legislative matters facing Congress right now. The leadership wants to complete the infrastructure before the July 4th holiday, so something has to be cut off every now and then at a standstill. Hopefully, this was Manchine’s head and cinema.

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