Plan Your Move When You Are A Company


Minimize the unproductive time during the transfer of professional premises. The sooner your employees find their desks and computers, the faster they will get back to work. There is no specific deadline for a business move, but it takes a few weeks to organize the company’s activity properly and plan the order of operations. We recommend that you use movers with experience in business transfers so that they can advise you effectively and support you throughout this process. It is also essential that they are well equipped for this job.

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What equipment do you need to prepare for the big day of the move?

Usually, the chosen mover will provide you with all the necessary material: suitable cardboard boxes and tape. If you are responsible for packing your belongings, everything must be loaded on D-Day. Keep the least amount to do for D-Day to remain available to follow up and inform the movers.

Remember to unhook your paintings, undo the curtain rods, dismantle the light fixtures, unplug the household appliances (electricity and water) and dismantle your furniture if this is your responsibility. Legally, movers do not have the right to carry out any electrical work unless they have specific authorization. It is specified in the details of the services attached to the estimate.

Remember to put aside what you will need during the time of the move: your keys, your papers, maintenance products for the final cleaning, water, and a snack to eat you as well as your pets if you have some.

10 Tips for preparing your moving boxes:

A summary of the to-do list to keep in mind:

  1. I prefer the boxes of the movers to your packages. Their quality and size are suitable for transporting everyday objects, facilitating storage in the truck.
  2. Balance your boxes’ weight so that they are not too heavy or too light, mixing heavy items with delicate items.
  3. Please do not put anything fragile in the boxes without it being meticulously protected. The packages will move and will be stacked. The risk of crushing must be avoided.
  4. Note the destination part on the boxes; this will allow the movers to put them directly in the correct room and facilitate unpacking.
  5. Write a summary of the contents on the side of the box. It will help you find some essentials without having to open all the boxes.
  6. Please do not close the boxes with too much tape; you will spend as much time opening them afterward.
  7. Do not put green plants in cardboard. The movers prefer to take them separately.
  8. Keep a few empty boxes aside for D-Day. There are always things left to pack.
  9. Do not put small valuables in your boxes: jewelry, valuable watches, money, valuables. In the event of loss, they are generally not guaranteed. Keep them with you and move them yourself.
  10. At the end of the move, take your boxes to the recycling center for recycling or keep them for the next move; this will save natural resources.

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