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“Despite the difficult times we are going through, Syrian youth still have the ambition and hope to develop and empower communities.

Young people should have the right to participate in finding solutions to the challenges they face, not only as volunteers or participants but also as responsible leaders willing to take the lead in future projects.

Parallel to my civil and environmental engineering studies in the Syrian capital Damascus, I helped organize international events with many local NGOs, and my years of experience in social entrepreneurship helped me establish Entrepreneurs 2030.

We are a voluntary youth platform that supports and enables Syrian youth residing at home and abroad to raise awareness and work to achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and collaborate to find solutions to the challenges faced by young people.

Mohamed Basil Al-Madani, founder and CEO of Entrepioneers.

M. Bassel Al-Madani

Mohamed Basil Al-Madani, founder and CEO of Entrepioneers.

We have worked on the platform with our partners, through campaigns and workshops, to educate more than 2,500 young men and women about the Sustainable Development Goals and develop interactive training and entrepreneurship programs for Syrian youth.

Of course, the Covid-19 pandemic has had an impact on our projects, but we used the quarantine period to develop methods of working remotely, and we were able to participate virtually in important events and build our network with experts and researchers. We were also able to provide a webinar to hundreds of beneficiaries during the quarantine period.

“My faith in the Syrian youth may reach the sky!”

Being selected as finalists for the SDG Action Awards out of 2,000 initiatives submitted by 140 countries around the world is a great step. We are very proud of our ability to represent our beloved Syria and Arab countries, and we hope that this vision will help us provide more to the Syrian youth.

I am very proud to be a part of Entrepioneers 2030. My belief that Syrian youth is so high that they can reach the sky! They are creative, intelligent young people with endless energy and knowledge, but lack the financial capabilities, and support of mentors, which hampers their ability to turn their creative ideas into reality.

Personally, I believe that the greatest opportunities arise from crises, so there is no need to give up and be disappointed. Let us give confidence to young people, because they are responsible for shaping the future. You should hear their voices.”

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